#ILGOP ready to support illegal aliens driving!

The Illinois GOP is going to support giving illegal aliens a drivers license!  Anybody surprised?  Your GOP representatives won’t care, but try calling anyway!

More reasons they shouldn’t:

  • Providing illegal aliens driver’s licenses would not increase road safety or decrease the number of uninsured drivers on the road.  New Mexico issues driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and has seen its rate of uninsured drivers rise to #2 in the U.S. http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2012/09/09/new-mexico-undocumented-driver-license-law-fails-to-raise-number-insured/
  • A driver’s license is a benefit or privilege. Issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens rewards illegal behavior.  Issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens encourages illegal immigration, whereas, denying driver’s licenses to illegal aliens makes states more unattractive to illegal aliens.
  • With a driver license granting access to air travel and federal buildings, this is a massive security risk.
  • Applicants are not required to undergo face-to-face interviews and are permitted to submit un-certified documents in order to satisfy the requirements of the program.
  • States have a legitimate interest in limiting its services to citizens and legal residents. States are not required by the United States Constitution to spend scarce resources on illegal aliens.

More reasons at:  http://blnnews.com/2012/11/28/why-illegal-aliens-should-not-be-issued-a-drivers-licenses/

3 thoughts on “#ILGOP ready to support illegal aliens driving!

  1. The IL GOP is an ineffective hoax. I have given up hope for the IL GOP leadership to actually stand for anything other than holding on to their titles.

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