Tari’s buddies

By:  Diane Benjamin

With all the heat Tari Renner has been feeling now for months, was last night’s packed chamber wanting a “Welcoming Ordinance” his way to get some love?

Or was it a way to divide people based on ideology?  Is the real goal to unravel the threads of a civilized society by turning citizens into villains for expecting laws to be enforced?

The purpose of immigration isn’t to provide for the needs and demands of illegals.  Living in America is not an entitlement.  

According to this story, illegal immigration costs ILLINOIS $3.85 BILLION a year:    https://nationaleconomicseditorial.com/2017/07/04/illegal-immigration-cost-illinois/

The majority of the speakers last night wanted protections from the local police working with ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It was a parade of “I hate Trumpers”, but where were they when Obama was deporting non-criminal illegals?

A representative of the ACLU showed up, where was he during the Obama administration?  It must have been okay when Obama deported non-criminals:


At 20:30 a lady mentions people being stopped for driving without a license, even though Illinois gives licenses to illegals.  It must be too difficult to even comply with that law.

ACLU rep is at 22:00.  He claims people are scared to call the police.

At 28:30 a speaker claims the ordinance is the moral thing to do.  She declares the “risk” of federal funding cuts it worth the price.

At 30:25 an immigration lawyer claims being here illegally is no different from a copyright infringement offense.  Everyday people have to decide to avoid the police or cooperate.

Dr. Laurie Bergner spoke for the League of Women Voters who opposed deportation of non-criminals.  Where were they when Obama was doing it?  Keep in mind, this group holds debates for local elections.

Two speakers mentioned sexual assaults go unreported.  I wonder just how many there are?  Add the shootings of late, and has Bloomington become too dangerous for its legal citizens?

It was an amazing display of  people speaking for those who entered the country illegally demanding rights to the American Dream without consequences.  Americans were told they are wrong for expecting laws to be enforced.

The mantra was “keeping families together”.  We have no problem with that, the whole family can leave together.


Citizenship is becoming meaningless because laws don’t matter.  The Constitution the Council took an oath to protect will also be immaterial if the Council passes the ordinance.  Obviously people here illegally have more rights than the rest of us.

Just hit play to hear all speakers, only a couple spoke on other issues:



10 thoughts on “Tari’s buddies

  1. They want police to stop working with a federal agency tasked with stopping illegal immigration? And all the while that Obama deported thousands per month (more than Trump) they were silent? What has changed? This is Trump Derangement Syndrome at its finest. Obama it was OK…Trump it is bad and he is a Nazi. On a side note: maybe can house all the new immigrants in the houses (that will be vacated and sitting empty because there are no buyers) once State Farm begins to die and layoff thousands?

  2. Obama did his fair share of deportations and I am sure that still still makes him nothing more than an anti-American socialist to many Conservatives. The reality is the ALCU and other immigration rights activists protested Obama’s policies. Don’t think the hypocrisy goes unnoticed. As far back as 2014 Obama was criticized by La Raza for playing the middle in the immigration. It was probably more about politics and compromise with the GOP as well appealing to Democrats who support reducing illegal
    immigration. Your teeth-gnashing over this happening now and not when Obama was President is misinformed and disingenuous . Your past comments leave nothing to suggest you are objective enough to compliment Obama on anything that is ideologically conservative.

    1. The media didn’t report Obama deportations, so I was not aware he was doing it. I only started to receive at least one email from the ACLU every day when Trump was elected. That is the definition of hypocrisy and using ideology to raise money.

  3. Wonder when Tari will get around to addressing the downturn at State Farm and its effect on this community. It’s only just begun, by the way. Instead, we’re listening to these self-righteous yahoos who want to feel better about themselves, and Amelia who wants you to pay for brick roads for her and her rich pals in White Place. This is a banana republic!

  4. A few tidbits. Long but…

    They view the police as government oppression Same as the military—viewed to be oppressive and globally destructive. I think back of the picture of John Kerry protesting the Vietnam war in DC. In 2015 he was the Vice President of the USA. The VA is viewed the same as active duty military. Hanoi Jane was another. I think of Woodstock and in that time frame in society drugs and bongs. It was happening in society and in our high schools. Now These no goods in adulthood went into our schools and all facets and worked their way up into all levels of govt. they hate trump because he stands for what they hate. Ie love trumps hate.

    They are now starting to realize the President has powers at war, He can make all the executive orders he wants. The local and state level is where they are moving into. And they think they can trump him there and over rule his powers at DOJ, Illinois state police and others, etc.

    No federal dollars for cities, what jackasses, uneducated fools. Who in the hell do they think will pay the extra that they lose.

    I foresee the blue states failing and people in bankruptcy and in financial strife if they stay. I foresee these blue mayors and progressive commies needing those ignorant people to vote and will do everything they can to cater to their needs while the rest of us suffer. In the stores they are very rude. Can’t say excuse me or thank u.

    Yesterday am bob saw new gang graffiti heading thru the center of Bloomington on route 150 around locust and empire street approx 6 blocks from downtown. It’s written on a signal box. He said it may be Bloomington normal vice lords but he can’t be sure.

    The shooting on olive street had 2 bullets in the car and 12 was shot into the house. Hubby was on couch sleeping . Kids was asleep. The body found in Kickapoo creek in downs where greiders use to be was said to be a drowning. A woman’s body a few months back was south of bloomington where maple syrup is and weddings are held. Another—-a man knifed a woman 100 times to death in a normal hotel this summer. Gun shooting up cars with bullet holes in Lowes. Gun shots heard again in area I can go on and on and on.

    This is turning into a city of Chicago. And they are worried about illegals and hosting a welcoming party!!! I’m ready to pull out my eyes right now!!

    You answer me this….,I visited Downers grove, Yorktown mall, Von maur, and Wheaton this weekend. 11 percent tax to eat a meal in Yorktown . I only saw one Prius. The rest regular cars from fords to Mercedes. No eco boost and NO electric cars. None.

    They was playing Christmas music in TJ maxx and in ALL stores including noodle company in Yorktown mall ( Downers grove). Lights was hung in downtown Wheaton. Yorktown mall. Evergreens was stick in the mulch at outdoor malls. . Wheaton had Angels by the tracks and this went on with trees wrapped with white lights for blocks and blocks on each one way street leading into their town. There was no Greeting or entrance sign welcoming people at any city up there I visited. What the hell is that a dream for the business owners or a fantasy.

    I was in Naperville Downers grove. Wheaton and every city in between. The only interstate I hit was 55 and 355 to 75 th Street in Bolingbrook. Rest was 4 lane city driving it 2 lane. Lit Wreaths on lampposts. Wrapped garland. Lights galore. Poinsettias. Live all over stores. Not for sale. It was decorating with live plants.

    I come back and I see crap. I ask Monicals last year why no tree. Their answer…. no room. They had rock and roll RAP music on. So I stopped going there and I go to the one by maxx now. State Farm can now support them in greenback

    I wonder if they send out bulletins to the businesses. Or hate mail. No christmas. No lights. Be politically correct… No sassback. Or we will make u put awnings up and do form factor when u give us blowback.

    U should have a side on your blog. Short one so we can report store managers of stores who refuse to celebrate OUR traditions. And any stores who refuse to honor our traditions. Same as any shots fired. Any Knifing. All Stabbings.any new Gang graffiti wherever it may be in our area. And post it in your writings. To let people know what’s happening in their city. People do not know it. They don’t get the news papers or watch news. Ring the bell.

    Down by bromenn they paved over brick streets in the historic area. One part. I was shocked. But it’s city of normal I’m sure. In summer they bring out water truck to water all their flowers in medians and corners. I only saw this in the area by bromenn hospital

    Cayla is now a resident in normal. I tell her to log into your website. Her eyes are opening. Says 11 percent taxes are not right and rent in these towns are way too high for people to pay. She’s watching both cities. When up in the burbs she told me…. this is how I like it at Christmas, traditions. Lights. , why can’t we do this down there? She’s starting to be more awake now to what’s happening in her towns thanks to u and all of us. She hates what she sees.

    Merry Christmas Angela.

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    1. Angela, you said” I think back of the picture of John Kerry protesting the Vietnam war in DC. In 2015 he was the Vice President of the USA”. you need to look up American History facts.

  5. What happens when BPD works with ICE on a criminal alien case and the citizens police committee starts complaining? Those speaking last night are same as on that committee. Will Police Chief Hoeffner get in trouble because he’s following federal law?

  6. What I call this is mob rule. Laws seem to mean nothing to some people anymore except for those choosing to obey them. Where the highway changed in what year I must have missed that but it seems the growing norm is just do what you want and the heck with laws. Maybe a spin off of seeing politician’s getting by with not obeying law so if they don’t have to neither do I. What’s it going to be like 10 year from now, 20 years? It’s getting where the number of law breakers out way what the police can catch. I mean really just look and see the number of drivers using their cell phones as one example.

    What’s even worse are politician’s working to disobey the laws. Mayor’s naming their city as sanctuary cities comes to mind. They should be arrested and put in jail! It undermines the fabric of a civilized society to openly disobey laws.

    If I rob a bank will I get sanctuary someplace and protection from being arrested? No, I don’t think so. So why should people here illegally have protection from law enforcement? You can’t have it your way! If they want to stand up against law enforcement then I say arrest them too. Just because you don’t like something in the laws doesn’t give you the right to disobey. To some it would seem so.

  7. A long time ago the effort was to build America. This came from (even then) crooked politicians that found a way to use the “legal” system to enrich themselves. Slowly but surely (and now in your face) these generations later crooked politicians (and other crooks) and getting richer by the destruction of America. Consider the logic, follow the money, (not necessarily in that order) and their next moves can easily be predicted. They’re not that smart but they do use the power that they have acquired.

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