Matt Sorensen: Prisoner #50503-424

Matt Sorensen reported to federal prison somewhere today.

Since he has been on an “I’m not guilty” tour:

He pled guilty to one count of FELONY wire fraud.

He avoided a possible REALLY long sentence by not going to trial.

He is jointly responsible for repaying $490,975 that was stolen by billing for consulting fees not rendered.

This site should eventually show where he is and his release date:

The site now says Sorensen is at the Federal prison in Marion, no release date is listed.




2 thoughts on “Matt Sorensen: Prisoner #50503-424

  1. I guess taking that money wasn’t worth it after all. What ever possesses people to do this is beyond me.

    Cool a website to find my relatives. LOL


  2. He’s at Marion FEDERAL prison- Tea and kippers for breakfast and massage @ 11. Tennis @ 1. Too bad John Wayne Gacey isn’t still there. They could share the shower! as for him “roughing it” I think a Boy scout on a polar bear campout is doing a BETTER job!


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