The rumor is . . .

People who don’t care about laws

are going to pack the Council chamber

tonight to demand a welcoming ordinance!

It doesn’t matter that Rauner already declared Illinois a sanctuary state.  Nothing is ever good enough for the people who want America destroyed.

Congrats Bloomington!

Now we know why the law says felons can’t serve on boards and commissions!

Watch Renner welcome them with open arms.


7 thoughts on “The rumor is . . .

  1. In the fine print of the welcome ordinance, there’s sure to be a list exceptions: conservatives, libertarians, business owners, and those that disagree with the current leadership in City Hall. All are welcome, but some are more welcome than others.


  2. There doesn’t need to be more distractions for the Council when there are serious structural deficit issues. There is a financial cost to these demands just like the Police Community Relations Board. This is exactly why a structural change was recommended at the Retreat for putting items on the agenda. Special interest groups should not be driving the City’s agenda. The Mayor needs to be managed.


    1. Thank you. That is exactly the first thing I thought of; the structural deficit; the actual management of the city’s business affairs. Obviously, his twice rebuked dishonor needs to prioritize a bit better than this. This ‘strong mayor’ nonsense that he has dreamed up from thin air can be easily rectified if there were but FIVE who would stop this time wasting idiocy.

      As to the matter of the ordinance itself, what our little prince of the prairie is proposing stands against the rule of law. It is that plain and simple. We pay, through the confiscation of our wages, police to enforce those laws. Entering this country illegally is against the law.

      Do your job!


  3. How about gun toting, critter shooting, statue erecting, land owning, law abiding, tax paying, church going, conservative citizens? OR would that be discrimination?


  4. Just wait until the DOJ cuts off all federal funding to Bloomington. That includes no more federal grants, not one dollar from the US Treasury. AG Sessions has made statements that he will enforce the law through this measure. If he is successful is another matter.


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