BRICK streets + parking

By:  Diane Benjamin

Couple more things on tonight’s agenda:


The parking ordinance downtown will be modified to keep City employees from just moving their car every couple of hours in the Government Center lot so they get free parking.


A brand new Brick Street Master plan will be adopted including:

The next Council should and could throw out ALL Master plans.  What a waste of time and money when there is no money to fix the streets people actually use now.  Brick costs considerably more, tax the home owners who want them.

The documentation even recommends trying to salvage some brick streets already covered in asphalt.  Too bad nobody cared back when the local economy was booming and the City had extra bucks.  How many would the cost of Coliseum have fixed?


After the Master Plan is passed, an engineering study for Monroe Street’s brick will be voted on. It’s  only:   $179,024.   See PDF page 293-313.

One more note:

Watch the meeting and note how the acting City manager is treated – Steve Rasmussen.  The City Manager’s job is to be the employee of the Council, David Hales never was.  He would lead the Council in the direction he wanted them to go.  Rasmussen doesn’t.  He therefore will never be named the permanent City Manager.  The Council wants to be led, not do the leading.



8 thoughts on “BRICK streets + parking

    1. There used to be a 50/50 program for neighborhoods with brick streets. If the homeowners who benefit have to pay, they chose not to so the Street was paved over. That 50/50 program should be put back in place.


  1. Street, sidewalk and infrastructure are paid for with MFT ($2.4M) Street resurfacing is paid from the 0.25% of the 1% sales tax increase ($2.4M). This year only $3.8M was allocated for streets. What will happen to “Streets 2.0?” Oh, another broken campaign promise. The potholes will remain.


  2. Way to look out for you and your rich friends, Amelia! Where are your priorities?! State Farm is downsizing, tax receipts are down, businesses are struggling, and you want to preserve brick roads. Of course, brick road, it’s fitting, since you believe in Tari, the man behind the curtain.


  3. aye yi yi .. t think they’d put more emphasis on cutting back on this kind of stuff .. the house is on fire , but lets put up new shears and add new drapes .. more money needed to gloss up a spot for a few ..


  4. IF smiling Amelia WANTS brick pavement, buy HER some knee pads, a few truck loads of mason sand and a bunch of pallets of bricks and have a COMMUNITY project! How about it my smiling heliocentric princess??


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