Welcoming Ordinance will be back

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local progressives are possessed with bringing in illegal aliens!

The latest is Illinois State University:

Since we have no borders, these people aren’t illegal, merely undocumented.



Yes it was sponsored by ISU:

One of the speakers is a candidate for the Bloomington City Council – a former illegal alien herself:

Of course the Welcoming Ordinance will be back if she wins the election.

Your tax dollars are being used at Illinois State University to aid people with no right to be in this country – other than both parties have ignored immigration law for decades.

Illegals come here for opportunity and unfortunately bring their failed ideology with them.  Legal immigrants have required training allow them to assimilate.

Assimilation used to be the goal of immigration, it no longer is.

The goal now is incompatible with freedom and liberty.








6 thoughts on “Welcoming Ordinance will be back

  1. Most of the candidates running for office in Bloomington and Normal are extreme left, self-described socialists. They’re well-organized and proudly share their extremist ideology without any consequences nor questions from the local media. This is getting scary! As I mentioned to an old friend, it makes sense that socialists are getting elected in Bloomington-Normal since the capitalists have left. Sad but true.

  2. This ALL seems just so bassackwards! The democrats want undocumented and illegal immigrants, yet THEY are the ones who despise Republicans and others who do follow “their” train of thought, and yet it is the Democrats that blame TRUMP for all the “bad feelings” in this country!! Ye reap what ye sow..

  3. Immigration. It made since when this country was forst founded. Land of opportunity. Now, not so much. Illegals think they are escaping socialist polies, tyranny, and strife. Once the free stuff runs out, and it will. They’ll be stuck in a country that’s not their home only to be taken advantage of again.

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