Bloomington’s next council members?

By:  Diane Benjamin

These three plan to run for the Bloomington City Council, obviously they aren’t running as non-partisan:

To replace David Sage, another Cheri Bustos recruit – Georgeen Chissell.  How much money will Chicago Democrats funnel to her?

Trying to unseat Karen Schmidt – Jenn Carrillo (angry brown woman):













To replace Diana Hauman – A State Farm Lawyer who has no concept of economics or capitalism:

Yes, these three are a team:

20 thoughts on “Bloomington’s next council members?

  1. I wonder if the BEC which remains in place following the last election will be accused of voter suppression if these candidates don’t win. Or will it be widespread systemic racism in the city of Bloomington?

    The angry brown woman is leaving the YWCA so she can be more radical than she already is. Or, at least that’s her story that the Pantycrap is promoting. I’m sure the Panntycrap reported it correctly.

  2. I think if I was going to be in public and even thought there MIGHT be a chance of my photo being taken, I don’t think I’d wear an “uncivil” shirt or dress like I’m lounging around the yard. This is pitiful.. And a pink bow tie, is this the NEW Tari look??
    If this IS the future of politics, nothing but screaming, yelling and discord will get done. These folks make TRUMP look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm..

    1. What’s to hide, Townie? This is a net benefit for candidates when running in Bloomington. But a candidate saying we need to live and govern within our means is portrayed as the devil. Up is down, down is up. So sad.

  3. Townie, UNCIVIL is the new democratic party. If we don’t vote against these loons, this will be the new normal in politics. I know you know this, but I feel it has to be said again.

  4. This is the new mainstream in Bloomington! Congratulations Bloomington, you’ve earned it. Where’s the outcry from the citizenry? Chamber? EDC? Business owners? Hello, anyone out there?! So glad I left. Just wait for the next recession. Bloomington is toast. There are no answers to the declining local economy, except of course more government (and restaurants). These candidates will accelerate the decline! By the way, the roster of candidates in Normal is equally extremist.

  5. If those who DON’T support these three candidates fail to rally around and vote for the conservative candidates, the fate of Bloomington rests on those who refrain from voting in April.
    Anyone willing to face off against Jen, Jeff and Georgene deserves your backing.

  6. I don’t know the petition requirements for Bloomington, but for Normal it’s 400-500, so any non-leftists who aren’t already good to go don’t have time at this point. I looked into it, but I don’t have the time/resources/connections to collect 4 pages a day for a week+, including Thanksgiving. 🙁 Perhaps next time…

    1. Normal Town Council is elected “at large.” That is why the candidates need 400-500 signatures. In Bloomington, candidates are elected within the Ward where they live. Each Ward required a different amount of signatures based on past voting participation. Some Wards require less than 100. Currently, the open seats (2, 4, 6, 8) each have two candidates—one “progressive” and one “conservative.”

    2. To “very concerned citizen”: If you are a conservative, serious, and live in Bloomington wards 4, 6, or 8 (ward 2 already has an excellent conservative candidate) I will obtain the necessary signatures for you. This is not that big of a deal. Requirements for signatures vary between 25 and 90 depending on the ward. Again, if you willing to serve your city, contact Diane and she will put you in touch with me.

  7. I understand ALL this. I’m thinking the Cat in the Hat dresses better then these folks AND could probably do a better job of running things. At least ya know WHAT you’re getting there, but let THIS batch of “discords’ into office, and the NEXT thing they’ll do is having you read the Communist Manifesto or some such garbage.

  8. “As election season approaches, I don’t want this invaluable community organization to continue to serve as the target for people who oppose my campaign and what I stand for,” said Jenn Carrillo, “.

    She doesn’t want the YWCA to be a Target . Yet she is going to another organization. I can’t wait to see which one she feels worthy of being a target…and I question their motives for hiring such a polarizing person. Wonder if it’s tax funded.

  9. It is interesting to read the comments. What I do not see is any action. I was with Diane when I said I would help fund a conservative, even an independent who put Bloomington/Normal first for the citizens. All I see above in this post is the same ol thing….nothing. Folks if you want to do something………….Do something! Get the agenda out. Find a true candidate who believes in democracy and helping Bloomington and or Normal achieve success for the people/citizens. Rally behind these individuals! It is easy to sit on the side lines. It is just as easy to get in the game!

  10. Diane

    Good to know, But really this is not about one good candidate. It is about many. What your readers may want to consider is more action and in place of blah…blah. It is so easy to be an arm chair coach. It takes guts to get in the game.

  11. Readers on this subject. Do more than complain. Get behind the candidate. Get behind a conservative candidate and as one of my friends said…put your money where your mouth is. Conservatives have really fought from a reactionary standpoint. Lets not be reactionary but lets lead with a message, Bloomington and Normal is in a decline. Diane has pointed this out so many, many times. Families are leaving. Businesses are leaving. Causes are many. Politics of Illinois. Politics of Bloomington and Normal. You can complain all you want BUT ACTION IS NEEDED. Stand up and be heard!

  12. T – I’m actually in Normal, not a split-the-vote ward. (Not sure if Diane was mistaken or trying to protect my privacy.) I sat back thinking there would be a decent candidate I could get behind, but none came forward. Over the last month or two, I’ve talked with the Republicans, who have shown Very little interest in changing the socialist (at least in mindset) town council, despite their having no other candidates; and to the Libertarians, who lack the resources to get enough petition signatures in a short time frame given that they just finished putting in a very good showing in last week’s elections.
    If we can get 20-25 people to commit to each collecting 20 (or more) valid signatures in the next 10 days and getting the pages notarized (I think both libraries offer this for free if the right person is available.), I’m still willing to put myself out there as a political target – I just don’t have the commitment to sacrifice every available hour for the next week to the detriment of my family, kids, and other things going on in my life all to Maybe get on to the ballot and then Maybe get a position I’m only volunteering for because nobody else will.
    So, dear readers – How many of you are willing to take T’s challenge? I’m willing to be the front man; I can be one of the 20 petition workers, plus I’m sure I can recruit 1-2 more; how many here are willing to pitch in a few hours at work, or the neighborhood, or wherever else over the next week+?
    [email protected]

  13. 2 things to point out how putridly radical Bloomington has become:

    1) That Karen Schmidt, goofy Leftist to the core–is now being defined as “Moderate”, or even “Conservative”.

    2) Bloomington’s Hard Left used to hide their radicalism when they ran for office. Not anymore! Bloodthirsty Marxists, some with Antifa terrorist affiliations, very openly advertise and celebrate their extremism. And win!

    Caracas On the Prairie. Doomed.

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