Solving Illegal Immigration isn’t that Tough

by Diane Benjamin
All of the below require politicians with guts and the desire to actually fix the illegal immigration problem forever!  Since there aren’t many politicians that qualify, We The PEOPLE have to demand changes – they are never going to do anything except amnesty.  After amnesty, we will  be right back in the same position.


Politicians like to say elections have consequences.  Crossing our borders illegally should too.  Entering the United States without permission is an assault on our sovereignty and should be treated seriously and definitively.  Illegal aliens are not immigrants and can’t be called such.  Of course, no immigration reforms work when the border isn’t sealed.  We have been waiting for decades, maybe this plan will give politicians some incentive.  Doing what is right for the country isn’t very popular, realize the chances of it passing and being signed into law are slim.


Local law enforcement officers know the ringleaders wanting complete amnesty and non-enforcement of existing laws.   Illegal aliens openly hold demonstrations and are more than willing to express their outrage when arrests are made for things like driving without a license, driving without insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, etc.  Enforcement of this plan will succeed if this is their only option for residency without fear.  If they balk at complying, the leaders need rounded up for deportation, the followers will then comply.


While harsh, who makes the rules — a country of sovereign citizens or the lawbreakers?  Up until now it’s been gutless politicians and the lawbreakers.


Rule 1
Any adult here without permission does not have any path to citizenship ever!  Illegal alien adults must register with the federal government, they will be given a picture ID, a social security number for aliens, the right to work, and the privilege of paying taxes.  Yes, that’s satirical.  Every employer must use e-Verify.  Aliens do not and can not qualify for any welfare programs including Medicaid and food stamps.  As long as they are law-abiding members of society, they will have the right to the success America offers.  People claim they come here for the American dream, it’s time they prove it. Deportation will only happen if a crime is committed, preferably violent, but repeat offenders of any crime should be sent packing.  Give them all 90 days to register and receive their ID, anybody apprehended that hasn’t registered is immediately deported..


Rule 2
What about new illegal aliens?  If the border is sealed and illegal aliens won’t qualify for any government assistance, we shouldn’t have many to worry about.  Just in case, immediate deportation.  This is not cruel and unusual punishment — just a response to breaking our laws.  Sanctuary cities must make their entire state ineligible for any federal government assistance.  Illegal Aliens protected in small areas of the country by sanctuary become mere slaves.  Since slavery was abolished, cities and even states should not be allowed to practice it.  Legal citizens should no longer be required to fund care for illegal aliens as they are currently in states like California and Illinois.


This solves two issues, adult illegal aliens here and future ones.  In creating a legal status, states can issue drivers licenses (bright red to distinguish their status) to aliens and require insurance on the their vehicles.  Illegal aliens won’t have to fear deportation.  Alien standing in America will be clear, those who think breaking our laws gives them special rights will understand it doesn’t.  Compared to other countries, the above policy is more than generous.  The practice of pandering to specific illegal groups should also end, at least we can always hope.


Rule 3
Children are a different problem.  They should be given a path to citizenship.  Raised and educated here should qualify them to take a Constitution test which they must pass.  Speaking English is a pre-requisite, success in America depends on it. Upon graduating high school they should be given citizenship.  Older kids, brought by their parents, will be issued a green card.  States can make their own rules about college tuition rates, but the green card gives them the ability to work.  At age 30 they can apply for citizenship, pass a Constitution test, and then become totally legal.  Immigration does not work unless the immigrant assimilates into society.  America must be a melting pot, regions of Latinos, Muslims, or other ethnic groups destroy the fabric of the country.  Waiting until age 30 to become a full citizen should allow time for assimilation.


Rule 4
Chain immigration for anyone entering this country illegally can not be allowed.  Illegal aliens should not have the right to bring in even more relatives.  Relatives must apply for visas just like others seeking to immigrate to the United States.  Breaking laws have consequences, usurping ours should not make immigration easier.


America is a country of immigrants, but the process must be controlled.  Immigrants must want to arrive for freedom and the American dream.  The Obama administration ran radio ads in Mexico to instruct illegal aliens on how to receive food stamps.   We have enough takers here, importing more is lunacy, or worse.


We have allowed politicians to avoid any serious discussion and action on illegal immigration for far too long.  We are sick of subjugated illegal aliens used to provide cheap labor.   We are sick of farmers unable to harvest because of immigration rules.  We join illegal aliens in the belief that we all deserve better.

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