Council Member Jenn: Hate America?

Read this email exchange Jenn Carrillo had with a citizen of Bloomington.



If Jenn thinks America is such an evil place, why is she here?

Obviously her parents came to America (illegally) and brought her along for some reason, what was it Jenn?

Congrats Ward 6 on electing a representative

who thinks white people are racists.

Is this what she was taught in the Chicago Public Schools?

The email was prompted by this Facebook post:

wsrd 6 post

Details on Crabill here:

24 thoughts on “Council Member Jenn: Hate America?

  1. So according to Council Member Carrillo thousands of Bloomington residents who oppose open borders and support the rule of law are either tremendously ignorant or are participating in racism?
    Jenn Carrillo should resign immediately!

    1. She is the poster child for why illegal immigration is dangerous. She doesn’t know Europeans immigrated through legal channels. They has to pass health exams and prove they could take care of themselves. They didn’t receive a dime from taxpayers. They came here for Freedom and then built America.

      1. The Europeans had to travel a week on a ship through the North Atlantic…risky business. Not first-class passage for most. Some became ill or died. There was no guarantee you would be let in the country. You could be shipped back. Most European immigrants arrived with very few pesonal possessions. If English was not their native language, they had to learn it. Many lived in tenament housing. They had to pass an exam to become a citizen.
        Some forget, the immigration laws were not intituted until the mid to late 1800’s. It is the role of the Federal legislature to draft and pass imigration laws.
        It’s important to learn history before spouting non-sense.

  2. Of the people who first settled the land that is called United States of America in consideration of those immigrants from ALL nations laws were written and agreed by those people, those immigrants of which ILLEGAL immigration is a slap in the face of total disresect to those same immigrants who wrote the laws in the first place. Lawlessness is the problem in their home countries and what they bring here is more lawlessness. Ignorance is bliss for Carillo.

  3. Why does NO ONE say anything about the heroin and meth coming in from Mexico because of open borders?

    It’s not just people looking for a better life streaming across the border. It’s narcotics, humans being trafficked, and people that know they can come and go without dealing with the consequences of their actions.

    But please, Councilman Carrillo, tell me how open borders and no security at the border will make the USA safer.

    Each and every life we lose to heroin is a tragedy. And this woman wants to make sure it is easy for heroin to come into our community because it’ll be a lot easier to move dope with ICE disbanded.

    The next time there is a heroin, meth, cocaine, or gun bust in her part of the city she’ll blame someone else.

    Count on it. She can’t be held responsible for anything. And no one in this community can because of PC fear.

  4. Jen is the kind of person who WANTS and PROMOTES ONE SIDED conversations! SHE is EXACTLY the REASON that people in AMERICA are FED UP with childhood antics like little multi color flags and t-shirts at a council meeting.
    It will be the SAME reason that people like her will go bonkers when the 2020 election is OVER!

    1. I hope you’re right, Townie. I still stand by my words yesterday. Bloomington is screwed. It’s not just Jenn. It’s the whole bunch of them.

  5. For all you white people in the thread and reading this. It you are white you are privileged, you are racists, your culture was built on racism and you should be ashamed of yourselves for even being born white. Yes, we even
    have had a Democratic presidential candidate, “Beto the Clown” actually apologize for being white!

    My ancestors emigrated legally from Germany. My race built the modern world. I am ashamed of nothing and proud of what I have done to build and better the world and what my ancestors did to build and better the world.

  6. As a current State Farm employee who does not share the same viewpoint as the left wing Crabill I’m appalled that he wore this shirt as I feel like he has now just brought his divisiveness into State Farm. It was the talk of the day in many circles I encountered today. Especially by not commenting after the meeting. In my opinion when you use your employer/occupation when campaigning for a political position. You have a responsibility to your employer and coworkers to act professionally. The T-shirt was not professional in any way shape or form. I’m sure there are some State Farm agents out there that do not appreciate this let alone customers. Maybe Mike Tipsord needs to get a few calls from some disgruntled agents and customers! They carry more weight than a measley employee does! Let the calls begin!

  7. We will see in the upcoming landslide election in 2020 that the majority of Americans DO NOT agree with the kind of values (or lack there of) that Jeff (SJW) Crabill has on display on his chest. Does clown Jeff (SJW) Crabill realize that the Democrats everywhere are calling everyone who supports our president racists? I am sure he does and yet he wears this? I support Trump therefore I am a racist, therefore Jeff (traitor to his country) Crabill believes that illegals who have broken the law should be allowed to stay in the United States and I should be deported? What kind of SJW crap is this from a city council member? Shameful!

  8. Dear old Tax’n Tari said on WEEK at 5pm basically the shirt can not be banned as it would be a 1st amendment problem. Kf that is the case I believe people should show up next Monday with shirts saying something like.”save babies from abortion, deport the killers”. Or how about a T-shirt that on it has 3 blind mice with wearing tags, Carrillo, Crabill and Renner underneath it says “the only free meal is a taxpayer paid meal for me”…..surrounded by a group of people wearing rags (labeled as taxpayers).. Or 3 monkeys in the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil pose again with tags for the terrible 3 and have a picture of the illegal driving a van with a motorcycle crushed under it. Or again the three monkeys but this time tagged Renner, local State’s attorney and State police lead investigator joining Margo for some saki and sushi in Japan See how long Tari still holds for the 1st amendment. BTW Carrillo gets the award for longest, mindless rambling sentence of the year award.

    1. Renner is the problem. The mayor and council represent the community. Should a council member wear a tee-shirt that says “I have the soul of a gypsy?”
      While I agree everyone has 1st amendment rights, elected officials also have certain responsibilities. Do businesses want to locate here with this leadership? How does this action support the economic development that will benefit this city? SMH

      1. Yes the real things that need to be worked on here have taken a backseat to this SJW liberal elitist BS. Our two main economic drivers are being disrupted as I write this and our leadership is doing what? Answer: Nothing but this kind of BS while they continue to prop up failed policies while trying to push new (guaranteed to fail) liberal elitist socialist policies. Instead of moving on a plan to transition this area from it’s current dependence on State Farm and ISU and build a 21st Century economy that will sustain this area through the coming technological disruption, they worry about protecting illegal immigrants and keeping empty buses on our streets. NO 21st Century new business is going to relocate here. NO new start-up business is going to remain here any longer than they have to. NO existing business is going to relocate here. Anyone with a brain would immediately see that our towns are run by idiots and swirling down the drain of history. Which is exactly why NO new businesses are setting up shop here in Bloomington-Normal.

  9. Why was Jenn Carrillo excited to accept the endorsement of the racist Bernie Sanders founded Organization ” Our Borders” for her city council election?
    Bernie Sanders opposes open borders. Therefore Jenn thinks Bernie Sanders is either tremendously ignorant or a racist.
    According to Newsweek, Politico and The Hill articles on April 08, 2019. Sanders ” I’m afraid you may get your information wrong. I think what we need is comprehensive immigration reform.”
    “Oh my god , theres alot of poverty in this world. And you are going to have people from all over the world. And I don’,t think thats something we can do at this point. Can’t do it.”

  10. My grandparents emigrated to the United States from Italy in the early 1900s. My grandfather entered into the U.S. via Ellis Island. He had $2.70 and the clothes on his back. He had to pass a number of tests before being adminited, including health and education tests. It was not easy, as Ms. Currilo might suggest. He moved to Roanoke, Illinois to work in the coal mines. It was dirty work, which ultimately led to the death of many of peer. My grandfather was lucky to get out of the mines after earning a job at Caterpillar in foundry (working countless hours in the scorching heat). Not only was the work hard, he was also confronted on many occasions by the Ku Klux Klan because they didn’t like Catholics and they didn’t like immigrants. My grandparents believed strongly in the rule of law, even in the face of adversity. These comments by the council member are deeply offensive. Who’s the racist?

  11. Understand these behaviors have the seal of approval of one Tari Renner. He could stop it but chooses not to. Carrillo and Crabill represent Illinois People’s Action on the couch council, not their wards. IPA is is a political front group associated with Socialist International and Communist Party USA. Carrillo is an in-your-face lesbian not content with just living the lifestyle quietly but promoting it. She is also a believer in the concept of Reconquista which promotes the concept of the USA stealing Mexican lands. Mexico will again take over those lands (much of the Southwest) through mass migration, birthrates and intimidation. It is taught in many Hispanic-dominated schools. Jennifer’s concept of history is distorted and revisionist in nature and on purpose. Land obtained from Mexico was due to peace agreements in wars between the two countries. Mexico has had a history of aggression throughout time whether it be through Spanish or desired Mexican conquest. Aztecs, thought by many to be indigenous people of Mexico we’re also quite bloodthirsty against their own blood and others. Renner, Crabill and Carrillo likely have deep seeded mental issues that need to be addressed by professionals. Carrillo also idolizes one crazy Hispanic woman in Congress from New York and sees herself as her second coming.

  12. Jenn doesn’t hate America. She hates people who are different than her. She is a bigot. We paid for her indoctrination all 4 years of it.

    1. The next time she threatens someone with violence someone should get a red flag order against her.

      She literally threatened our Commander in Chief!

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