Bring in the clowns

by:  Diane Benjamin

Oh wait – they are already here:

Jenn Carrillo still thinks being an alderman requires a public displays of sexuality:

clown 1

Jeff Crabill decided to stage his own protest with a T-shirt:

clown 2

This is what the shirt says:


Jeff confirmed everything the democrat party is saying:

People here illegally are more important than citizens. 

If you don’t like illegals – you are a racist.

The raised fist shows solidarity, it isn’t with Americans.

Jeff chose to wear that shirt.  Did he wear it to work at State Farm?  Does he think his job as alderman is welcoming illegals?  Has he forgotten the local death of an American because of an illegal?

This is more proof the Council isn’t non-partisan.  It’s also proof these two Council members are not public servants.  Their opinions are immaterial.

Two speakers at public comment mentioned the shirt, one included the pride flag.    Surena Fish at 7:40 and Gary Lambert at 23:09.




28 thoughts on “Bring in the clowns

    1. Let’s stop listening to you liberals and deport you cause your ideas are over reaching and wrong the world didn’t our you nothing is up to you to make a life of memories and live but you have racists thoughts yes your racists thinking that people who don’t agree with you are racists only racists people call others racists i know cause i was raised a democrat cause of that reason Democrats hate Black’s period… Now I’m a republican cause i don’t like all people with no common sense of reality like you moron


  1. According to the Democrats “everyone who supports our great president” is a white nationalist and a racist. AOC recently said that many Trump supporters are too dumb to even realize they are racists. So this clown, Jeff Crabill would like to deport the 60 million Americans who voted for Trump? Where is your orange wig and floppy shoes Jeff? You are a joke and we are not laughing at the BS that you think should be the law of the land. And your solution Jeff, if we don’t willingly allow you to deport us? Camps? Death? These people are exactly why we need to keep our guns. Come and try to deport me Jeff…. for the crime of supporting a duly elected president of the United States.


    1. These racist Demacrats only want to help the illegal immigrants, now I would say this is Racist. Or military can’t even get medical . Trump is not Racist, he just wants the illegal immigrants to spend alittle bit of there money to get a green card. Many illegal immigrants have jobs and no social security numbers. This is Racist. Now if I tryed to get a job without a social security number I would never get hirered anywhere and get into trouble.


  2. I will trade China Crabill and Carillo for 20000 pro-democracy protestors from Hong Kong. Since the double C’s don’t like it here they should welcome being welcomed by their co-religionists. Although, they.might find out what real racism is.

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  3. Diane: The sick matter of fact with both Crabill and Carrillo is both could care less that Corey is dead because of the actions of an illegal immigrant. I hope Corey’s family members show up in force at the next council meeting and berate both of them in public. Second thought, they would probably not be allowed to speak. Besides both Crabill and Carrillo would sit there with smug looks on their faces thinking “you done yet?” A better thought would be for a bunch of Corey’s biker friends to show up, confront Crabill after the meeting and see how cocky he is then.

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    1. They would be immediately called racists by these SJWs. They want power and their vehicle is labeling anyone who does not agree with them racists. These people are dangerous and should be called out as often as humanly possible. They don’t care how many Coreys have to die to achieve their goals. They don’t care about how many jobs are lost to illegals. They don’t care that hard working taxpayers have to pay for the social services used by illegals. They don’t care about the human trafficking and drugs (and deaths caused by them). They only care about seizing power and then telling you how you should think and how you should act. They are totalitarians in disguise.

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  4. I live in ward 8 and did not vote for this clown. I can’t believe the residents of this ward made it possible for this clown to represent us. State Farm must really be hard up to employ such a clown. I will be at the next council meeting!

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    1. Crabill ran unopposed in Ward 8 and only received 70% of the vote. Carrillo only won by 44 votes out of over 300 Ward 6 voters. Boelen had an opponent in Ward 2 and received 60% of the vote. Just sayin’

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  5. The alderman needs to give his definition of a racist and be asked if people who oppose open borders and support the rule of law are racists.
    If he answers yes his radicalism will be exposed. If he answers no the socialist left will turn on him.

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  6. Another fine potential campaign piece Diane. Girl you just provide so many! Anyway, a pic of Crabill wearing the T-shirt accompanied by the front face of the T-shirt, mass mailed to the accused “racists” in his ward soliciting a challenger for the next election.

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  7. To Bobbywerk3…then get out in your ward before the next election and go to every single house and tell them exactly how you feel. Explain why. Find someone to run against him. If no one does these things, nothing will change.

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  8. House of Representivaes, 198 demonrats sign on to ban semi-automatic firearms of more than 10 rounds of which includes pistols. I am hoping that soon the outdoor sportsmen, love to hunt UNION PEOPLE quit supporting these fools that are detroying our country.

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  9. To Jen AND Jeff, ALL I have to say is this.. My late father FOUGHT in WWII for the RIGHTS of the CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES and he would NOT have condoned this kind of “show” furthermore, you two are an INSULT to ANY and ALL veterans and DECENT citizens of this GREAT COUNTRY! I would HOPE that the council as a WHOLE, PASSES An ORDINANCE BANNING THIS KIND OF DISPLAY!!

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  10. Actually Carillo and Crabill are an insult to immigrants. These two actively encourage the abandonment of ones home to encroach on others. They do not care of the risks involved and/or are oblivious to the many who perish and are exploited through the human trafficking scheme to get to the land of free stuff but what to do when the free stuff runs out,,,and it will. As the military industrial complex continues to suck the nation dry of tax dollars, where are these so called social warriors in demanding a realocation of the (kill) funding to humanitarian aid to our southern neighbors? To reduce or end the casualties of war to feed the people, Carillo and Crabill are m.i.a. What are these two, along with the demonrat party doing to DEMAND better treatment of immigrants BY THEIR OWN governments in their HOME countries so that they can live and achieve in their home countries? Crickets.


  11. Lay all of this at the feet of Tari Renner. He’s the mayor and he should be the one to put a stop to this, but he doesn’t because these two clowns are bought and paid for by him and Tari loves drama. Jeff wouldn’t get away with wearing this shirt to State Farm. Why should he be allowed to wear it to a Council meeting? Ask Tari. Regardless of where one stands on this issue, it’s inappropriate Council attire.

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    1. With things being as they are at SF these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could wear it to work. Most of them dress like bums now anyway. Besides, SF has always been intimidated by minority issues anyway so he probably could get away with it.


  12. Actually, State Farm has a site for employees to volunteer. Last time I checked there were maybe 3 places in Bloomington with different types of help needed. The majority of volunteer opportunities were with The Immigration Project. Maybe there are no other needs in Bloomington.


  13. Is it me or has Jen gained weight since her ascending to her queenship on the council? Looks like she’s been using that P card a little too much ! Maybe in a couple of months we will see weight watchers on her P card. Probably not! So, if its the first amendment to wear that shirt Tari guess you wont be offended if all the conservatives wear their MAGA shirts next week to council .

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  14. Stan , the first thing that went through my mind was I am going from house to house but this stupid disease that I have keeps me from walking any distance. I live on a busy street and will have a large sign in the yard telling the residents what kind of clown represents them.

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