Fun stuff! Normal suing Bloomington?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I thought Chris Koos was all lovey-dovey with Tari Renner now and Metrozone was just a footnote in history.

Maybe not:

An email received by FOIA.  Did Normal forget to redact this one on the basis of pending litigation, or did Normal want the info out?

Fun stuff

If you forgot, Metrozone was an area on the far west edge of Bloomington and Normal developed with the agreement Normal and Bloomington would share tax receipts.  Bloomington cancelled it because most of the businesses were located in Bloomington.  Development in Normal never materialized to the same extent.  This happened more than two years ago.

Read this story for more info:

8 thoughts on “Fun stuff! Normal suing Bloomington?

  1. Someone has a bone to pick with Mayor Fredo Little Man!

    Fuhrer Koos stands up at the closed door secret meeting, “I think we should release the Kraken on that little high and mighty boy of a man and show him I mean business on this issue”.

    Pam begins her usual slow head shake which always begins when she realizes that the Fuhrer is going off the rails again, “Mein Fuhrer we don’t have a Kraken to release and I told you before that Krakens are mythical animals. Remember when you just recently wanted to send the Kraken after that Right Wing blogger? No Kraken then and no Kraken now”

    With obvious disappointment written all over his face Fuhrer Koos leans toward Pam and in a low voice says, “Ok no Kraken, maybe we can sue? But can we hire an out-of-town law firm named Kraken & Kraken?”

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  2. Don’t know if Normal wanted this out, but I am sure Moron Koos did not. One week he is chasing after someone on trumped up lies by himself (Koos), crying about fostering bad relations with Bloomington. The next week we get reminded that moron Koos is chasing after Bloomington by looking into a lawsuit. That definitely leads to good relationships. This idiot has fallen off his bike and hit his head on the pavement too many times. I believe a mental evaluation is needed, probably will find only life support systems functioning, no other signs of mental activity.


  3. Stupid IS as stupid DOES! REALLY kind of sad though that Koos AND Tari BOTH give us SO MUCH stupidity to laugh at, and they’re too stupid to realize it. Guess it makes up for US having to deal with their “antics”


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