Rodriquez likely won’t stand trial

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Jose Rodriquez case had a hearing today concerning the accident that killed Corey Cottrell.

The State’s Attorney wanted a September trial, the judge set another hearing for September 11th so Jose could be present.  He is currently in ICE detention in Wisconsin.

ICE will probably deport Rodriquez before he stands trial.  A warrant for his arrest will be issued in case he ever re-enters the country.

ICE has a few hoops to jump through first, but it won’t take as long as getting to trial here.

The only justice available to Corey’s family will be civil.

Corey is just another victim of illegal immigration, open borders, and sanctuary states.  He’s on a long list of Americans who have died because politicians have failed to protect citizens.  Remember him when you vote.

15 thoughts on “Rodriquez likely won’t stand trial

  1. Well in my perfect world a few things would occur. 1) The employer he worked for pays a huge fine for employment of an illegal as well as money to the family of the deceased. 2) He forfeits his bond for failure to show for trial (regardless of reason—maybe that does already happen…so the jackazz that paid it gets to feel a little pain), 3) What assets he may have are frozen and taken away from him so he goes home with $o. If he attempts to return to US let’s just say he is not successful and will never be physically able to try again..

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  2. I agree with the MediaGhost! The owner of the van needs to suffer the consequences of a civil lawsuit along with who ever he was employed by. And I don’t care if it bankrupts either one of them!

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  3. what goes around comes around. eventually the liberals will get their due at the gates of Heaven! the best judgement for the liberals will come from God. I do hope that all the murdered Americans will be standing next to Him when the liberals get their just deserts. standing there laughing as all the liberals and their merchants of death get shot straight to Hell. I know this is a religious rant,but hey its the only way good people get sleep at night knowing this.


  4. County Sheriffs departments send deputies to pick up criminals from other jurisdictions all the time. It’s routine. And he could have kept the 1 million dollar bond in place, and kept him here in McLean County. Or revoked bond altogether. Something stinks here.


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