The highway department employee electrocuted yesterday

By:  Diane Benjamin

The County confirmed the death of Scott Bundy earlier today.


Scott is survived by his wife Shana and 3 small children.  Sources who know the family say he was also raising one of his sister’s children after she was killed in a house fire.

The same source tells me Scott’s mother was killed in an auto accident.  His father died after a fall.

Condolences to Scott’s family.  Words aren’t nearly enough.








One thought on “The highway department employee electrocuted yesterday

  1. With AC electricity it can happen in a flash. I heard a backhoe bucket touched a power line was the cause. I had a cousin killed a number of years ago. Him and his mother put up a ladder to trim a tree near one of those power lines on the larger transmission lines. They presumed it arced to the ladder. It burned my aunts hands and feet and every year she has to get her heart checked. It instantly killed my cousin.

    A lot of people don’t understand how. A current for example passes from a hand thru your body (heart) and exits your feet. Any path like that can kill you. I know when I would work on my CRT projectors and removing a CRT which is like a huge capacitor I would strap on my arm a ground connection so that should any current pass it wouldn’t likely go thru my body.

    Who was it Edison wanted safer DC current and Westinghouse sold AC to the public. There is a movie coming out on this subject next month I believe “Current War”. Tesla if you know anything about him was a genius on what he wanted to do.

    I saw where someone paid for a sign on Veteran’s Parkway across from State Farm for Corey Cottrell. The man killed in the hit and run by an illegal immigrant. I believe it said “We miss you Corey Cottrell” or something like that.

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