Bloomington Tonight – Connect Transit and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight a representative from the McLean County Regional Planning Commission will talk about local transit.

She will be followed by the Connect Transit’s General Manager.

Prediction:  Neither speaker will mention the buses are too big to serve the people with no other means of transportation.  Neither speaker will recognize the huge buses are not needed to transport the few people who ride per bus.  Neither speaker will admit the majority of citizens will never ride the bus.  Neither speaker will admit the current transit system is not sustainable.

Changes to Connect Transit will only come when new leadership is elected in Bloomington and Normal.  Then the Connect Transit Board can be replaced by responsible representatives.

Next the Council will discuss video gaming.  In a further attempt to suspend capitalism, they will talk about setting a cap on the number of establishments gifted with an expensive City licenses.

Is the City is going to openly discriminate against businesses that want video gaming?  The City is going to pick winners and losers?  Will those picks be based on political support?

There is a limit to the number of video gaming machines the market will support.  Bloomington doesn’t want to allow the free markets to find it.

If the Bloomington City Council wanted to be the morality police they never should have agreed to any machines.  They opened Pandora’s box, it’s their bed now.

This discussion leads to Jenn Carrillo wanting a Cannabis Task Force.  Same arguments apply.  Will free markets created by the State of Illinois flourish or will the morality police attempt to limit competitions for “friends”.

There is another alternative:

Bolingbrook Board Was Blunt – No Cannabis Businesses In Village


Quote from the mayor:

mayor quote

police cannibis

market drugs


No task force needed.

Either anybody who wants in is in or everybody is out.  The Council should have learned this from video gaming.  Obviously they haven’t.



7 thoughts on “Bloomington Tonight – Connect Transit and more

  1. You’d think our “progressive” city would follow their well-loved governor and expand (aka tax) gambling and pot to the fullest! More government cash for the big spenders!

  2. Yesterday after church, we went to lunch. A (big) bus had to make a right turn onto Oakland from prospect St. he had to pull into our lane to turn the corner, then go back into the northern lane. Since we pulled up along side them, I counted eight heads in the bus. One guy saw me counting and stood up to wave at me. I laughed and waved back.

    After lunch at Tony’s, we saw that a CT bus had T-boned a car near the DQ by Growing Grounds. So Sunday turned out to be a Bus kinda day!


    1. CBD varies in content. Pure CBD products do not contain THC which is the intoxicating piece of marijuana. I have several friends who have had great health improvements using CBD. One has RA and it lessened her pain drastically. Another had psoriasis under her fingernails. She started using the lotion and within a week it was going away and her nails started regrowing (several had fallen off). I would certainly not buy from a video store!
      The thought that pot will be legal is unreal. Marcus Lemonis (The Profit) did a few interesting shows on CA pot production. Google them and you will gain some insight into what’s in store for us.

    2. CBD will most likely not be sold in bars. Video gaming establishments need a liquor license and are treated as bars which require serving of food.

  3. Wonder if anyone during public comment will ask: (a) about John Bowman’s expired term; and, (b) how many people rode Connect Transit to the City Council meeting. I’m sure we’ll hear some amazing things about the growth of Connect Transit and its ridership. The average person knows better. This is just theater for the elites and the mutual admiration society in and around local government.

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