Market and Clinton

The sidewalk is ADA compliant though!

market and clinton

10 thoughts on “Market and Clinton

  1. To the majority in Bloomington and Normal City Governments, “aesthetics” means PrideFest, Naked Magicians and their Anifa “membership card”–and tax dollars flowing to support all 3. Not much left over for weed control and plugged storm sewers. That’s “not their problem”.

    Elections have consequences.
    Marxism Always Fails.

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  2. Funny how the sidewalk downtown near Rosie’s doesn’t look like that? I guess there are good places in town (Mayor Fredo Little Man’s favorite places) and bad places like Market and Clinton? So the debris in the storm sewer drain has been their so long that it provided composted soil to grow plants this size? No money to take care of things like this but plenty of money for empty buses, the BCPA and the coliseum? We pay more and more taxes and get less and less every day.

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      1. They would if the city took care of them. State Farm pays a company to do all their work over there.


  3. Sad that both the city and local property owners lack initiative, pride, responsibility, resourcefulness, and independence to solve the problem.

    A shovel and 15 minutes would be the solution.

    This is not a government problem (nor are they the solution) but a “my” problem. Not my property, not my town, not my job, not my street, not my drain, not my…not my…not my…


    1. ….. < Idiot. Weeds all over town, are you blind? Sad that it's just not your concern to be aware. Not your idea of irresponsible government increasing taxes to mis-appropriate the citizens money. Not paying attention. Not caring about the circumstances. Not your,,,not your,,,not your,,,

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  4. That picture pretty much sums up the reign of Taxin’ Tari. Save it for campaign material. Cleverly worded would make a huge impact against his next campaign.

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  5. Unfortunately, I’m usually too busy avoiding the HUGE potholes (like the one on College by Hansens Cleaners) that are so big you can see re-bar exposed to look at this kind of scenery. I THINK I even saw a EV car DISAPPEAR in one the other day?? But we ALL know busses AND Bicycle lanes are the priority in the area..

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  6. Im sure our brainless leaders would support transplanting the monster weeds into the monster potholes if somebody else provided or donated the time and materials to do so. What we all are experiencing is Criminal Insanity in Government with no accountability whatsoever.


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