Health Insur: Gov vrs US

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight the Bloomington City Council will consider changing providers for Employee Health Insurance.  It could save A LOT of money:

insur2Under Obamacare, employers with “Gold plated” insurance were supposed to pay significant penalties.  Enactment of that provision got delayed after the people receiving it threw a fit at possibly paying more or getting benefit cuts.  There is nothing in tonight’s documentation addressing this issue.  Maybe that provision was scrapped again this election year.

Meanwhile, non-government employers pass much of the cost of insurance on to their employees – especially for family coverage.  Rates and deductibles employees pay are now ridiculous.

Not so for government employees.  Look at the 2015 compensation report for City employees:

How much are employees contributing for health insurance?  What deductibles do employees shoulder?   Those questions will not be part of the conversation.

Here’s a sample from the compensation report.  The highlighted numbers are what the City pays:  (click to enlarge)


Add pension and FICA expenses and each employee costs around 50% more than their base salary.







  1. $1,000/month for health insurance would have to include family coverage, dental, eyes and prescription drugs with little or no co-pay. Must be nice!


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