NEW pics of the Bentley Motors fire

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t Bruce Meeks

Up to 150 vehicles could be destroyed!  Main street is still closed.

A friend stopped by to watch.  A fireman told him a small electrical fire was extinguished around 11:00 last night.  It could have rekindled.

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7 thoughts on “NEW pics of the Bentley Motors fire

  1. For us old farts, this was the old Wiley Pontiac dealership building from back in the day. Don’t know about the number of vehicles destroyed but there’ll be a lot of melted bumpers, taillights, and blistered paint on the outer lots. PETA will be glad that the stuffed lion was incinerated.

    1. What was the other car dealership south of there where Growing Grounds is at? It was a Buick dealership wasn’t it? I just remember test driving some new diesel car there. It was a Buick Century now that I googled and found what car it was.

      1. Yeah, it was Wiley Pontiac-Buick co-branded together, forgot about that. The Growing Grounds building was originally built circa 1955 as the Studebaker dealership.

    2. I saw a picture of the toasted lion on the local society gossip rag website. Dorothy and Toto won’t be to happy with that.

      I think another old car dealership building still standing is the Castle theater or the building next to it. They used an elevator I believe to lift the cars up to a showroom floor or something like that.

  2. Obviously this is Renner’s fault. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. A stronger fire department with money diverted from Parks, BCPA, and all the money spent to paint bike lanes would have meant more personnel on the scene and probably saving the structure! You’re slipping!!

    1. These has yet to be determined. One report said at 11:00 the night before a small electrical fire had been put out by the fire department. It also said power was SHUT OFF after. Sounds like you jumped to conclusions!

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