Last night-Bloomington Council

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Davids were missing:  Hales and Sage.

Renner declared July Parks and Recreation month, no word on why he waited until the 25th of July.

David Hales has hired yet another assistant:  Melissa Hon.  Administrative costs continue to rise while essential services aren’t performed.  Expect that to continue since big government always messes up more things than it fixes.  She worked for the City of Peoria for 15 years.  Her BASE salary was the same for 2014 & 2015.  I have no idea why, but she isn’t listed on the 2013 Peoria employee compensation report.

This is 2015:  (click to enlarge)


Since Melissa’s base salary was $71,739, she is probably making at least that much here.

Public Comment has some interesting speakers.  Watch at least the first two – just click PLAY.  (hint:  prostitution and clogged drains)




13 thoughts on “Last night-Bloomington Council

  1. The second speaker has a VERY legitimate point. Has ANYONE taken note of JUST the SEVERAL DEEP potholes on Fairway between Empire and Towanda in the Westbound lane?? Maybe we should name them after alderman, like the “Terrible Tari Tumble” and the “Painter Paint line Pothole” ?? As for the Asian women, What’s new?? Just drive West Market street, and you don’t need to shop anywhere else!
    And we’re paying HOW MUCH a year for quality of life?
    And while I’m at it, I MUST give the Pantagraph CHEERS for out doing themselves this day! I usually just read the comics, as it’s the most intelligent part of the paper, but todays headline “HILLARY IS A ROLE MODEL” made me just throw the REST of the paper away, as I’m STILL laughing on that one.

    1. Thrilled that I don’t pay for trash. Maybe citizens should start spraying painting circles in florescent paint around potholes so others can avoid them. Maybe some fancy artwork around them too would improve “Quality of Life”.

      1. Do what they did in New Orleans – spray paint pictures of “male anatomy” on the potholes. Got them fixed pretty quick 🙂

  2. WOW!! Where have I been?? I’d be ALL OVER that!! And WHY just stick to male “parts”? MAYBE we could even work flamingoes in there too?? You folks on here are just TOO COOL! THANKS-gotta find my fluorescent pink paint! What’s a GOOD complimentary color? I’m NOT any good at drawing snap together glasses though, so I MAY need to call someone.

  3. Two questions:

    1.) Was the new assistant a replacement for someone who left or yet another addition?

    2.) I’ve read before about people spray painting potholes to get them fixed. While I’m not going to commit crimes, I do wonder if anyone knows whether such vandalism would be a misdemeanor or felony and what sentence (i.e. Jail time or fines) would be handed down?

  4. Agree wholeheartedly regarding sex trafficking in our town. My office is near Hong Kong Spa near Gill St Bar & Grill. The employees there never leave and they are open 24-7. These places need to be shut down! I don’t feel safe working after hours given their shady clients. I asked one of the council members to address the issue. I think they sent a fire marshal to inspect the place.

    1. Fact. That Liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued years ago that a woman has the Constitutional right to practice prostitution. So don’t expect any help from your Loony Left City Council. They are too busy taxing, spending, and attacking Conservatives.

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