Normal: Just for you

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember when Normal bought the former Route 66 gas station property for more than $250,000?

Well, it looks like work on the parking lot has begun.  The same can’t be said about the road leading to it.

Are Bloomington and Normal having a contest to see who can have the worst roads without citizens starting a revolution?

NormalstreetMaybe they need another tax increase for roads.







  1. It’s King Koos’ plot to get more of us to ride our bikes, preferably a bike bought from his shop.


  2. But you MUST wear a helmet!! Otherwise you MIGHT fall and bonk yer noggin and THEN ole KOOS will make sense. PLEASE don’t let that happen! OR don’t wreck-your choice! Heck, when we were kids, we didn’t even wear helmets playing football in the park, and we turned OuT AwL RitE! That’s a NICE street shot Diane. I just HOPE that citizens don’t look back 100 years from now, and go “Gee how barbaric they lived”


    • I think it was foretold that by this time in history, we wouldn’t need paved roads and walkways. We would have flying cars, bikes, scooters and skateboards. Maybe they are waiting for Elon Musk to figure this out before they are forced to pull money back from hotels and soccer complexes.


  3. Bloomington can’t clear the debry from the bike trail either! (Normal does a good job.) I guess streets & general maintenance aren’t priorities anymore! All they like to do is spend money on consultants to take on more projects that never materialize!


  4. The parking lot costs an additional $146,000. Much more is planned for interior renovations. The Town of Normal is spending more bailing out this failed private venture than they have budgeted for the entire year’s worth of street resurfacing.


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