Tari, Tari, Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner on WJBC this morning:  https://audioboom.com/boos/4866784-tari-renner-bloomington-mayor-7-27-16?t=0

Most of the conversation was national issues, but start listening at 1:45.  Tari claims:  (paraphrased) Both sides have gotten to the point in this country where a core of people who – if you don’t agree – you have to vilify, trash, and crash and burn them, impugning their patriotism, religion, integrity – including right here in Bloomington.  We need to understand  human beings are different and we bring different things to the table.

We agree Tari!

Have you changed Tari?  Finally grown up?  Attacks are okay for you, but everybody else needs to fall in line?

This from the guy who started reading a WRITTEN attack on Judy Stearns because she dared propose budget cuts:  https://blnnews.com/2014/04/29/mayor-unhinged-the-video/

This from the guy who recruited an IWU student to attack Judy Stearns at a Council meeting:  https://blnnews.com/2015/01/27/did-tari-recruit-a-stearns-attacker/

I could post an almost endless list of times Tari has vilified anybody who disagrees with him.  Instead – let’s end with my person favorite – his attack on me!


Tari 2-10-15 (2)

6 thoughts on “Tari, Tari, Tari

  1. Leftists gained power by demeaning and vilifying those who disagree – because they can’t win with facts.

    Conservatives and libertarians dont create words like “homophobe” or “Islamophobe”….these are words used to shut down debate by distracting from the issue and vilifying your opponent. Straight out of Cloward-Piven.

    The leftists are getting upset and defensive recently because opposing/honest/conservative media, pundits and citizens are showing Tari and Obama that “we can be as nasty as you AND tell the truth”


    1. Wow! Conservatives and Libertarians don’t create words to demean people? Libtard, feminazi, Islamifascist to name a few. I probably see Libtard more than any other in the comments section of social media. Kinda makes me wonder how they treat people with special needs.

      Truth is, both sides do it. Both sides can be vile and vindictive. Even seemingly innocent terms like Muslim, gay, Christian, Jewish, pro-gun, pro-life, statist are turned into fuel for vitriol. To suggest that one side has the moral high-ground is willfully ignorant.


      1. John Tower, Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin and her children, Clarence Thomas, Trent Lott, Michelle Bachman, all victims of the Liberal Hate Machine. Please show me one Leftist (who didn’t commit CRIMINAL acts–M/M Clinton) who have received anything close to the same treatment. Your contention is rubbish!


      2. Gladly:
        Barack Obama
        Michelle Obama
        Bernie Sanders
        John Kerry
        Al Gore
        Cindy Sheehan
        Michael Moore


  2. You do see this behavior when any candidate speaks of another. BUT yet they always claim they are the tolerant open-minded one. Fear and hate win elections these days. Tari is obviously campaigning again. I wonder if the radio will be giving equal time to the opposition?


  3. I am guessing that’s what they learn at those mayor conferences. To further their crooked art of Decieve to Achieve. Start NOW and let “Deceive to Achieve” become Renner’s Reality of an anti-campaign slogan. It’s what he does, it’s the truth, and people nationwide are sick of being lied to. The time is now. Call ’em as you see ’em!


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