Did Tari recruit a Stearns attacker? UPDATE!

A reader pointed out something I didn’t see:  Renner saw Brexton in the audience and made sure he got a comment card and was able to speak.  Other people have not been allowed to speak if they didn’t show up in time to fill out a card!  Renner even had the Council vote to allow all 8 people.  Rules only matter to peons!  Not in Our Town bullying must not apply to Renner!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Recapping last night’s Council meeting is going to take more than one post, stay tuned for more!

Public comment was intense with citizens after citizen telling the Council to spend on essential services and not on WANTS.  More on their comments later.

One guy was out of step with the others.  He came specifically to attack Judy Stearns.  It was pretty easy to find out who he is – just Google the name:  Brexton Issacs.

Tari just happens to be a professor of Political Science at Wesleyan.   He also never fails to gloat about being a Democrat.  It’s not a stretch to say Tari and Brexton know each other.

Stearns was on City 92.9 after the officers racist comments were made public.  She wants to know who at the City knew about the incident and who buried it.  She was appalled the information was only public because of a trial.  She did question whether signing a card accomplishes anything.  Listen to her comments here:


Below is the Not In Our Town pledge Card.  Signers are now speech police since they are told to challenge words.  Who decides what words damage?  Is everybody held accountable or just people with differing views?  What happened to the 1st Amendment?  I’d rather hear speech, even speech I don’t agree with.  It’s makes judging people on the content of their character much easier.



Brexton Isaacs comments start at 18:25.  Did he even hear what Stearns said?  I thought the Not In Our Town card opposes bullying!

15 thoughts on “Did Tari recruit a Stearns attacker? UPDATE!

  1. Just to reinforce your point re Brexton; Brexton arrived too late to turn in card to address the council. Tari recognized him in the audience, personally delivered him a card (see very beginning of video), and then asked the council to authorize an excess number of speakers. (the maximum number authorized by ordinance had already been reached)


    1. Rules only matter for some not for all! I missed it. Thanks! I updated the story – Renner has stopped other people from talking because they didn’t fill out a card.


      1. Most public officials would allow a community member who has been heavily involved in the national, state, and community level, all before the age of 23, to speak as he is likely to bring a meaningful contribution. I’m not sure I want a public official that does not allow significant comments to be made, comment card be damned.


      2. Tari has prevented other people from speaking for not following the rules of the city code. He changed them for an approved speaker. Cronyism okay?


  2. A stretch? The kid’s a Political Science major, the department Renner teaches in. Talk about a conflict of interest!! Wonder what kind of extra credit this kid is getting?


    1. Extra credit? Really? Since when did being a good citizen become so nefarious? The kid is studying political science, and from the video, appears to be doing a pretty good job of it.


  3. Renner’s signature on a pledge not to be a bully is obviously just window dressing. When it comes to Judy Sterns, Renner’s Napoleon complex becomes quite apparent.


  4. Reviewing the Pledge of Intolerance, I want to know how anyone can respect this hypocrite mayor, let alone continue to blindly support his agenda. In addition I must question the lack of integrity for every sitting council member who has said nothing but instead has sat in silence and allowed this mayor to bully Judy Sterns, their colleague, a citizen, a human being that deserves much better. Renner’s rants are an embarrassment to this city.

    bigotry |ˈbigətrē|
    intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself: the difficulties of combating prejudice and bigotry.


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