Bloomington City Council becomes Congress

By:  Diane Benjamin

The US Congress gave up much of their power years ago.  The EPA churns out rules and regulations to enforce what they think is important – not what Congress approved.

The IRS attacks opponents of whatever administration is in power because they can.  Congress won’t even withhold funding.

The Department of Education decided Common Core should apply to ALL – without a vote.  Federal Funding can’t be received unless state’s comply.

Tonight the Bloomington City Council is going to make themselves immaterial.  Just like Congress, they are happy to not be responsible.  Blaming other people is much easier if Aldermen don’t vote for the spending.  Therefore, more power is being handed to David Hales.  Your elected representative won’t be asked to vote on mundane spending up to $50,000.  Trust David Hales – he gets the big bucks to make all the tough decisions.  After all, he saved the City.

This is the same guy who

  • can’t make a decision unless a consultant is hired to tell him what to think
  • who didn’t realize that citizens would pick the cheapest garbage can
  • who didn’t fund pensions and infrastructure until taxes were raised.
  • doesn’t oversee the Coliseum
  • hasn’t fix problems found by the auditors
  • buys Council votes with lunches and dinners
  • bows before Tari Renner to keep his job

Bidding won’t even be required if spending isn’t over $25,000.  It takes far too much time to make sure taxpayers dollars are spent wisely.  Hales can then spend up to $50,000 after bids are received.  No need for pesky council people and citizens to be involved.  $50,000 is pocket change anyway.

See the packet for tonight’s meeting –

Drawings are even included.  The goal is a financially strong City.  Since citizens won’t know when Hales spends tens of thousands of dollars – it might actually look like that.

How’s passing the buck working for Congress?

Maybe elections should just be cancelled.  Your Aldermen are immaterial anyway.

Since Mayor Renner is pulling Hales strings – does the Council realize the power really isn’t being handed to Hales?

One more note:  Congress’s approval rating is 15%!  What is the potted plants?




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