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  1. So you think that racism, religious intolerance and disrespect for the President of the United States is “week end” fun? Shame on you.

    1. Sorry you have zero sense of humor. Did you feel the same about the barrage of cartoons about Bush? How about when he was hung in effigy?

      Since you would like to eliminate the first amendment and demand no speech but politically correct, I’d like to know if you would vote for Ben Carson? Allen West? Tim Scott? Mia Love? I could go on, but I suspect you would say no because you don’t agree with them politically.

      That makes you a racist – according to your own definition. Conservatives think Obamma has replaced Carter has the worst president ever. We have a right to criticize him the same way EVERY other president has been criticized. We are judging him the content of his character and found out he has very little.

      I have no idea what religious intolerance you are speaking of. If you approve of Islamic violence against other Muslims, Christians, Jews, and anybody who they consider an infidel – who is really intolerant?

      1. Your blog has consistently shown rabid Islamophobia and intolerance toward immigrants. It’s pretty rich that you sit around finding racism in other people when you blog drips racism. Just because you can rattle off the name of “conservative” blacks doesn’t absolve you of racism.

        As president, at least Carter didn’t start any useless wars and he has had the most remarkable post presidency dedicated to human rights and the poor. Obama walked into the White House in deep financial crisis. He has seen us through THE most serious financial meltdown since 1929, at the beginning of his terms unemployment was at 10 percent and we were bleeding 750,000 jobs a month at the end of the Bush administration. Unemployment it is now at 5.5 percent Oversaw the creation of more jobs in 2014 alone than Bush did in eight years. Created a climate in which there have been 55 consecutive months of job growth, totaling more than 10 million jobs, which is roughly 10,000,000 more jobs than Bush created in eight years. This is also the longest stretch of private-sector job growth in US history. He has brought health insurance to 9 and half million people and counting. Obama Eliminated Osama bin laden. He turned around Around U.S. Auto Industry, Recapitalized Banks. Oversaw a reduction in the dollar amount of the federal budget deficit by two-thirds since taking office. Reduced the federal budget deficit from 9.8% of GDP in Fiscal Year 2009 under Bush, to 2.9% of GDP in FY 2014. Under Obama, the stock market has reached record highs, restoring most of the economic losses felt during the Bush Recession, when it reached record lows, adjusted for inflation.

        1. All the same talking points used over and over. Untrue, but truth is immaterial to you. If you don’t want to read this site, nobody is forcing you.

  2. Untrue? Point to anything that I said that was untrue. The fact is that Obama HAS done those things and more. “55 months of job growth, 10 million jobs, which is roughly 10,000,000 more jobs than Bush created in eight years. This is also the longest stretch of private-sector job growth in US history. He has brought health insurance to 9 and half million people and counting.” The Stock Market is at record highs. These are actual facts. Perhaps you should look beyond your little blog to the larger world that isn’t an echo chamber of only your ideas.

    1. Federal reserve printing money is why the stock market is up. Labor force participation is down because there are no jobs. Long term unemployed aren’t counted. Actual unemployment is 11.2. Almost 50 Americans are on food stamps. Do Facts matter? How many jobs created are full time with good pay? How many are part time hospitality taking care of the rich who got richer under Obama? Since you can’t dispute these facts, commence with the name calling

      1. You’re wrong; the Federal Reserve does NOT print money. Perhaps you can look up the job of the Federal Reserve. They regulate and set monetary policies in this country. NONE of those jobs involves printing money. The declining labor force has to do with the aging of America. One big reason the participation rate dropped involves long-run demographic trends that have little to do with the current economy. Baby boomers are starting to retire en masse, which means that there are fewer eligible American workers.

        Businesses had been creating jobs at a monthly pace of 224,000, Professional and business services led the way, with 52,000 new positions. Construction added 48,000, while bars and restaurants hired another 44,000 workers. We are adding jobs not losing them as in like we were in 2009.

        Your Food Stamp numbers are OFF. The reality is that starting in the Bush administration Food Stamps were given to people in the aftermath of natural disasters. You 50 million stat is of all of those who received food stamps after hurricanes and tornados. Those who receive food stamps are overwhelming white, working with children. Do fact matter? Yes, and I’m disputing your assumptions.

        1. It really isn’t worth discussing the obvious with you. Good Digitizing money. I’m glad the recession of 2009 is finally subsiding a little in 2015. Longest recession on record – caused by government policies.

          USDA numbers – people on food stamps (millions)
          2008 28,223
          2009 33,490
          2010 40,302
          2011 44,709
          2012 46,609
          2013 47,636
          2014 46,536

          All those aging people in the population who quit working need food stamps?

  3. Again you have not included those on SNAP benefits that were issued during natural disasters and the financial meltdown. Super Storm Sandy happened in 2012, tornadoes in Alabama and the Southeast that blew away entire towns. Intense fire storms in California destroyed thousands of homes. And yes, many seniors receive SNAP benefits along with young children in poor WORKING families. You also imply that “aging” population “quit” working? So according to you someone should be working into their 70’s and 80’s.

    Please tell me when the “longest recession on record” started? In 2006-2008, during the Bush administration. Why did it happen? It was the absence of government regulation LACK of government policies, allowing banks to engage in questionable derivative and price swaps. Apparently Obama is not cleaning up the mess made by the Bush administration fast enough for you.

    1. Did you know Congress passed a law to bail out banks again? Lending to people that can’t afford it is continuing, and now taxpayers are on the hook. Government caused the melt down and we are going to get another one. If you think government is the answer, run for office and solve the problems.

        1. You obviously didn’t read MY post THAT there are REASONS that people are on SNAP benefits. Government “caused” the meltdown? No, the LACK of government regulations caused the meltdown.Lending to people “who could not afford it” didn’t cause the meltdown, it was LARGE banks participating in high risk derivatives that cause the meltdown. We are going to have “another one”? Wow, Ms gloom and doom. If we are, it will be because of the Republicans in Congress who want to water down Dodd Frank Act. This act brought the most significant changes to financial regulation in the United States since the regulatory reform that followed the Great Depression. It made changes in the American financial regulatory environment that affect all federal financial regulatory agencies and almost every part of the nation’s financial services industry.

          Please, you don’t know what you are talking about from the Federal Reserve to why people are on SNAP benefit you have been wrong.

          1. It’s really sad that you have been so brainwashed. Stop reading if you don’t like the site. BTW – all I write about are local issues. Weekend Fun is just that – weekend fun. If you don’t appreciate it, go somewhere else.

              1. Brainwashed? Gee, I present facts that can be verified if you knew how to use Google, and you call it brainwashing. If you’re only writing about “local” issues, why the posts on climate change “hoax”? If you have a blog that is in the public domain, then people who aren’t local are going to read it and critique your writing. Apparently you don’t want any criticism only pats on the back.

                  1. Actually, I HAVE kept my doctor and my same health insurance. I don’t know what “clowns” you are referring to, you don’t exactly have a good grasp of reality.

                    1. Good for you! Millions didn’t get to, a lot more are paying double and deductibles skyrocketed. You must be a government employee.

                    2. Millions didn’t get to? What???? What about the 9 millions that got health insurance for the first time? What about the millions who will get mammograms and wellness checks? What about the millions who won’t be denied because of pre-existing conditions? What about the millions who will have insurance that can’t be canceled or have won’t have lifetime caps when they get a diagnoses of cancer or other life altering diseases. It used to be that health insurance could drop you with out warning leaving people in bankrupcy. What if you want to change your job, you’re no longer glued to your job because of health insurance, you can purchase health insurance on the exchanges outside of your work environment. Millions now have basic health care that includes mental health and hospital care and drug coverage. You must clueless and watch way too much Fox New.

                    3. All the good parts of ObamamCare could have been done without destroying the healthcare system. Millions of people got Medicaid, they can’t find a doctor, but wow they have insurance. Besides, 9 million includes the people who had the policy they liked and could afford cancelled. Brilliant. Everybody else pays more so people can get free care or subsidized premiums. Dream on baby! Blame Fox News – it’s all their fault. Did you get that from MSNBC? Tell Al to pay his 4 million dollar tax bill.

                    4. Who said the healthcare system is “destroyed”? It isn’t. It’s the EXACT same health care system we have had before only with consumer and patient protections and better access. Actually, people with Medicaid CAN find a doctor, my sister included. MANY who had NO access to healthcare now have basic healthcare through the exchanges. Those who had insurance that got “canceled” were those who had insurance year to year where they were at the mercy of the insurance company who could cancel when they got sick or stop paying all together when they rack up 100’s of thousands of dollars in medical bills. They represented only a 5th of the population. All of those were able to find health insurance on the exchanges that was better with those protections on not being canceled

                      Please tell me how much you paid for people who had to get their care at the ER before ACA? How much did we pay as a country for diseases that did not get diagnosed because people did not have access to health care? We as a country spent over 17 percent of our GDP on healthcare, more than any other industrialized country in the world. This high spending gave poorer outcomes with higher adult mortality rates, higher infant mortality rates than any other first world country. Countries like Japan and Switzerland topped us with better outcomes on healthcare delivered with less money.
                      I didn’t get my information from MSNBC, I actually READ and understand the law, something you haven’t done. I don’t know if you receive you information from Fox News, but those who watch Fox are some of the most uninformed people on the planet. As for “Al” tax bill, you seem to be on a first name basis with him, tell him yourself.


                    5. This is the last uninformed comment of yours I’m printing. Live in la-la land if you want, but people work part time now because of ObamaCare. Others can’t see a doctor because their deductibles are now $5000 or more. ObamaCare is nothing but redistribution of wealth.

                    6. Yes, I did delete your comment. I’ve posted enough of your propaganda. You can speak freely anywhere you want – I’m just not approving any more of your comments.

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