Butler GONE, quite a show

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve heard from reliable sources that John Butler and crew are gone from the Coliseum as of today.

I also hear he was busy shredding documents.  Police were present, but I have no idea why.  City officials were present yesterday.

What was Butler paid for the 10-year-old fully depreciated concession equipment?

The City policy is Council approval is required for anything over $50,000.

Since ordinances and laws barely matter in the conduct of City business, this could get interesting.  Oh, sorry – not for the people who paid the bill:  YOU.

Butler’s lawyer has to respond to my Amended Motion very soon.  I wonder if that will happen since Butler doesn’t have access to taxpayer money anymore.

The City of Bloomington is ultimately responsible for the records I sued over.  I wonder if they made sure Butler didn’t shred them.  More fun.  I doubt the judge would understand their disregard for preserving evidence.




  1. Come on Diane! John was CELEBRATING that his “reign of terror” under Tari and the council was over and he was making confetti for the celebration party! Don’t ya think so??


  2. The payment for the equipment, if any, will show up in the next Consent Agenda.

    I can hear it now.

    The City: Opps– Butler shredded the papers without the City’s knowledge or consent so there are no papers and the City can not be held responsible for his actions.

    Butler: Those papers are mine, all mine.


  3. Diane, have you ever created a yearly break down of what CAIM fleeced the city for? And then adding that up to get a total 10 yr number? I know your missing a big number on the concessions, but it should be interesting numbers regardless.


    • NOTHING has been posted since last year. Lots of previous years aren’t on the website. So, no I can’t come up with a number. I probably have CIAM’s statements, but they are bogus. I need audited numbers.


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