By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember when Tari Renner made a BIG deal about the Not In Our Town pledge in December 2014, then violated it a few months later with his rant on this site:

Evidently the yearly pledge drive is dead, or maybe they just don’t ask Tari to participate anymore.  They were MIA (missing in action) when he attacked me, so violating the pledge must just apply to people who don’t lean the same politically.

It looks like Not In Our Town is supporting hate speech now.  See the note below.  A local resident got it in his mailbox today.  It sure looks like hate speech to me!  I thought Not In Our Town was all about acceptance and civility.  Of course, they didn’t demand it of Tari, so why demand it of themselves!

Thanks for the Democratic Party talking points though.

Hillary?  Hillary?  Is that you?

How long before holding different political views is illegal?


9 thoughts on “NIOT is MIA

  1. Didn’t know Trump or Renner moved into the Ironwood subdivision. This letter is so hypocritical and it is anonymous, therefore should be viewed as of no consequence.
    Runner’s bullying style is rubbing off on some of the Council members and no one speaks up. NOIT is to make those who are associated with it and signed the pledge feel good doubt themselves but don’t seem to practice what they preach.


  2. How cowardly that person must be…to leave such a nasty and divisive letter in their NEIGHBOR’S mailbox and leave it unsigned. Kudos to the neighbor who has the courage to express his/her opinion with a sign in their yard.

    And did you notice the 3rd item in their list is “CIVILITY”? What a maroon (as Bugs Bunny use to say). Jeez, am I glad I don’t live in Ironwood.


  3. Definitely in reference to Trump. Practically every anti Trump comment I have read on the website “The Hill” labels Trump as the next Nazi dictator. Everything in that note aligns with everything I have read in comments.

    These people have gone too far in my opinion where they are the attackers but think they are in the right by doing it. No joke. I don’t know what it is with people anymore with regards to civility. If you don’t like who someone supports then just go on the attack with name calling and all kinds of ways. Sort of childish if you ask me, but given what I have seen from the younger generations it really comes as no surprise.

    Too bad the home owner didn’t catch who put this in their mailbox. They could have probably went to the USPS and filed a complaint. As far as I know only the USPS can put mail into and take it out of a mailbox. Putting anything else in there is a violation. I don’t know if there is a fine.

    I would be asking around who the “Serial Mom” is and find out who did this. Then take legal action if at all possible. That should be a good lesson in civility for the note writer.


  4. Contrasted with what I have seen on Facebook, Twitter, the Web, etc; this letter is pretty tame. Threatening violence is one thing, but if we are getting worked up by this stuff, then it is a waste of time. I remember when Dianne Haumann complained of being called a brown-shirted Nazi. There was a collective snort. Didn’t hear much “that comment was inappropriate” from anyone. We are eager to complain that a comment is wrong when it is antagonistic to our views, but are less willing to defend even our rivals from the firing squad, even in the case of misinformation. That person’s letter would have went straight into the recycle bin if I received it. That’s just me.


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