Brave citizens

By:  Diane Benjamin

In America citizens should be able to speak out against their government.  Since “We The People” is rapidly disappearing as government grows bigger and bigger and the media fails to hold government accountable, it’s rare to see citizens with something to lose stand up against oppression.

A group of Bloomington business owners are standing up against Tari Renner’s latest pick for the Liquor Commission – Sue Feldkamp.  Sue has spoken against the City’s downtown hotel plans and taxes at Council meetings, she may not be an automatic YES vote for whatever Renner wants the Commission to do.  Keep in mind that pre-Renner the commission had more than 3 members and therefore less control by the Mayor.

Tari holds the power over local restaurant and tavern owners – a Liquor License.  He has a history of attacking people with views different from his, these people aren’t exempt and may be risking their livelihood to express their views.

Maybe they will inspire more citizens to speak against all the tax increases and out of control spending.

Here is the press release issued yesterday:



3 thoughts on “Brave citizens

  1. Kudos to the BARTO. Appointing Sue to the Liquor Commission is equivalent to his appointment to the Council and other Boards. Sue is not informed about the issues affecting those small businesses. She will do what Renner says. Renner kept the previous members on the Liquor Commission as “advisors.” Apparently, the Mayor can act alone as Koos does.

    The increase in license fees were to be raised to pay for the Downtown Buy Back. I don’t know the number of establishments involved but a $1,000.00 increase for each liquor license plus an increase on video gaming seems it will produce more than what is needed to pay for the Buy Back. Renner was quoted in the Pantagraph as saying the extra revenue from the increases could be used for other downtown projects. It is no wonder the Bar owners are upset.


    1. I’ve heard her speak at Council. She frequently criticizes what they do. I also hear she has been attending the Liquor Commission meetings and knows the issues. She may not be a YES vote for whatever Renner wants.


      1. Yes, I’ve heard her speak against raising taxes. Alderwoman Hauman attends a lot of “meetings.”–need I say more.


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