The rest of the Water Tower story

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow up to this story:

From an insider source:

The water tower that is visible on the west side of north Veterans Parkway is still not being used. It is now enshrined as a monument to government incompetence. Add it to the never used fire station #5. At least it can be used for meetings. Don’t forget the people responsible still get their pension.

There are two water storage tanks at the Fort Jesse station. They have been used for many years, I think they pre-date the water tower.

A lightning strike caused a computer controller to direct all water to the two tanks which filled them up to the overflows. Screens required by the EPA got clogged and damaged the tanks.

A visual would probably help but I don’t have one. We knew about the Lake Bloomington Fire because citizens saw it. The City of Bloomington managed to keep this one off the radar until now.

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