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By: Diane Benjamin

Jamie Mathy reported Jenn Carrillo did not participate because she was experiencing internet problems.

The City extended the Post Office lease in the Market Street parking garage for 18 months. Usually the lease is for 5 years, the City reduced it because they are planning to replace the garage.

A contract was approved with Rowe Construction for $5,129,185.05 for general resurfacing. A map of the streets is available on PDF page 234:

The Convention and Visitors Bureau will be leasing space in the arena. They are currently located at the airport. Both Bloomington and Normal taxpayers fund them, taxpayers will be getting $2,100 a month back. Bills and Payroll show this payment to them:

Bloomington is going to keep meeting on zoom because, according to the City Manager’s COVID update, Pritzker’s 30 day executive order from more than a year ago is still in effect. Gleason responds to a question by new alderman Tom Crumpler about meeting in person. If the Council wants to go back to meeting in person plexiglass could be installed in the Council chambers. See 1:54:30.

The Finance Director gave his monthly report. The City is expecting excess funds because of the Cares Act. Don’t get excited about taxes going down, the City is thinking of transferring funds to capital projects. The Coliseum needs 2 new rooftop units, $1 million each. See 1:44:45

The comment of the night was by Jeff Crabill. Just hit play to hear it. He was remembering George Floyd and claiming since his death 181 black people have been killed by police. He didn’t say how many were shooting at police or otherwise attempting to harm them. Crabill would like to reduce the number of interactions. He didn’t mention how but he did attempt at an earlier meeting to cut the police budget. He did at least mention the Champaign police officer who died last week responding to a domestic violence call.

7 thoughts on “Bloomington last night

  1. The downtown Post Office lease was extended only for 18 months as a last minute change. That means the garage is coming down sooner than later, which is a good thing as it is currently an embarrassment.

  2. Craybill is an embarrassment to this community. HIM and JENN better get on board and stop this nonsense about defunding police. Tired of their spewing hate. George Floyd is not a saint. Officer Oberheim is a true hero. Have either one of these morons figured out that the MAJORITY of people support police? Are they that dense?

  3. So Craybill wants to reduce the number of “interactions” AND thinks that reducing funding of the police is a good idea. So does Carrillo.

    So –
    Less police = less “interactions” with police. End of story? NO

    As would be law breakers realize the risk/reward ratio is moving in their favor the equation becomes –

    Less Risk for arrest = More Crime
    Less police = More Crime

    With people like this on our council maybe its time we draft a city ordinance that protects gun ownership from state and local government regulation before its too late.

  4. Since Craybeak IS a lawyer at STATE FARM, I imagine he KNOWS the numbers of African Americans who are killed by other African Americans, one only go as far as Peoria to get a “national ideal” but I’m sure that mr Craybeaks blinders don’t see that.
    He’s a numbers game person ONLY when the number HE spews are in favor of his (unrealistic) arguement!!

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