This Saturday: Want to meet?

By: Diane Benjamin

I was contacted by Gary Rabine’s team for a meet and greet. Gary is one of the many people running for governor trying to get the Republican nomination. It never hurts to learn as much as possible about the candidates.

Saturday come meet Gary! Doubletree hotel, 11:30. A room has been reserved, enter on the south side of the building.

I will be there, I’d love to meet more readers! Have a cup of coffee on Gary!

11 thoughts on “This Saturday: Want to meet?

  1. I still have my large Jeanne Ives for governor sign. Got to meet her when she was in Bloomington unfortunately I am working Saturday morning.

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  2. Nope! My money is on Darren Bailey. He is the only one who stood up for on the mask wearing garbage. He truly stands for the people and it’s time for us downstaters to stand up and over power Chicago


      1. Sorry, hotel manager took me to the room you were supposed to meet, completely empty except settings on tables


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