Town of Normal: Your water is fine

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington’s meeting last night will have to wait until tomorrow!

Would you drink this?

This is water from S. Coolidge in Normal, if the homeowner didn’t have a filter system this is what it would look like. The owner claims his neighbors are too afraid to complain. I hear that frequently from citizens who fear retribution by their elected officials and town staff.

Remember when I FOIA’D water complaints?

Mr. Thompson doesn’t care if people know his name. The Town knows, back in November they told him everything was fine. They still are. He is tired of getting no help from the government he pays to provide drinkable water.

Mr. Thompson claims the mains in his neighborhood were replaced a few years ago. He is close to the area Marc Tiritilli exposed forcing the Town to move up a main replacement.

The red is the emergency replacement:

Maybe when the replacement is done to fix Grove, Ruston, and Oakdale – Coolidge will be be fixed too. The Town has given Mr. Thompson no information to say it will.

The Town of Normal’s water problems could be a lot bigger than even they know. Citizens can not be afraid to demand good water since they pay for good water! Mr. Thompson thinks all of the 50-60 year old neighborhoods could be affected.

That water is disgusting. Normal thinks running new lines to Rivian and an Uptown underpass are more important however. You get what you vote for Normal!






13 thoughts on “Town of Normal: Your water is fine

  1. I predict Normal will spend money on luxury items like the Underpass, Soccer Complex, and more new bike trails before they fix the water and potholes.

    First I want to I applaud Mr. Thompson for publicly speaking out.

    I can relate to his worry about the Town of Normal retaliating because people dare to speak up. The town did it to me. I have had others tell me stories of the town’s retaliation for speaking against the town’s agenda. At public comment, a county board member spoke of town’s threats for the county to fall in line and rubber stamp the town manager’s wishes. Fees are arbitrarily applied depending on the relationship a developer has with the town manager, (This last one is documented in recorded council meetings and fee submittals.) Bulling and corruption will continue until voters elect enough people who care enough to stand up to those tarnishing Normal’s reputation.

    It is a problem when people have reasons to fear speaking against the government and those eleced to represent them.

    Stan Nord

    1. Like me, many have come to the conclusion that BN and Illinois are no longer worth saving because of the top to bottom corruption that permeates this municipality and state. Depending on what statistics you believe, Illinois had a net loss of approximately 180,000 people last year. That’s akin to everyone in BN leaving plus a few small surrounding towns. Shame is, few care in any leadership position. Within a month or a couple of weeks past my wife and I will become part of that statistic. For the last year and a half, we have attempted to come up with a viable reason or two to remain in our hometown. There is none. We are moving to a red state where taxes are half what they are here, FT and PT employment opportunities are through the roof where I have offers already, gas is at least twenty cents a gallon cheaper and local and state officials lose their jobs if they don’t listen to constituents. What a concept? Face up to the fact the city and town are corrupt along with the county and the state. It’s organized like a Mafia where only certain people are allowed in and the booty is distributed accordingly. BN was invaded long ago by corrupt families from Chicago and elsewhere and small town know-it-alls that used to bash BN daily but needed somewhere to move to find a job other than remaining on the farm. That is the cold, hard truth. I feel sorry for anyone that is forced by circumstance to remain here.

  2. That water is totally unacceptable, I wouldn’t even want to shower with it. As to the fearing retribution, that is not tin foil hat stuff, they DO do stuff like that, one way or another, maybe they can find a “code enforcement’ infraction, doesn’t matter how insignificant, it will still cost you hassle or money, or maybe they’ll just “watch” you a little closer, like tagging/towing your car while you are on vacation and you are parked in front of your own house, or similar type petty things that end up costing YOU money and hassle.The fear is real, because they have been allowed to run rampant for way too long.

  3. Abnormal says the “water is fine” yet I bet they would NOT drink it, and are the same genre of folks that buy organic pet food, because fluffy likes it better.
    Seems there’s an analogy here to something about a guy name of Jones who said “drink the koolaid” years back..

  4. Now I see why only 40% of town employees live in Normal. The water director doesn’t even live there. These should have been clues they something was “flakey” with the water.

  5. I have called and complained. Live off of Hovey and Richland. Multiple neighbors have same, rusty, dirty water. Each time, I am told to run it until it is clear. However, why would I continue to run up my water bill to “clear the lines” and get charged for it? We purchase water for drinking/cooking purposes because it is never clear. At best, a slight yellow tinge, sometime orange, sometimes brown. It is now once again pool season. I have filled my kids pools for the last three years with dirty, brown, disgusting water.

    1. Waterboarding,
      Please call me. I want to learn about your water issue and conversations with the town staff and other electeds. I would like to video samples to share with the council and the public until the mayor and town manager take fixing our aging system seriously.
      My cell is 309-242-2495
      Stan Nord – Normal Council Member

  6. If kooskoos, pamthetyrant, kathythefoulmouth, kevthefakepsychologist, chumperly, karentheliar, scottthefaker, had water coming out of their faucets that looked this bad, it would have already been fixed. The message of course is that they do not care about the people who are impacted by this. And it does not bother them one bit. BTW, what does the Health Department think of this?

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