For Parents who care what their kids are taught:

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember last summer when statues were being torn down by BLM and Antifa? Did you wonder why Abraham Lincoln statues were a target?

It sounds like we found out because of public comment at last night’s District 87 Board meeting. Your kids are being taught Lincoln didn’t free anyone and this country was built on the backs of slaves. Truth must be immaterial when people you trust to educate your kids have an indoctrination agenda. Marxism 101, the people have to be taught to hate the country before they will abandon the Constitution.

I know there is a huge Facebook group for District 87 parents. If you need resources, check out this website:

Right now Illinois has no chapters! That needs to change.

Together you can reclaim education for your kids! Unit 5 parents: Don’t think your kids aren’t being taught the same!

At the next Board meeting get video!

4 thoughts on “For Parents who care what their kids are taught:

  1. Thanks for the link to moms for liberty. I believe I have heard of them and I am anxious to check it out. Conservatives need to get active and starting at our local school boards is a great way to do it. Things in these schools are bad enough. Now we have CRT incorporated in every text book from K-12! I really think that, like me, many parents/community members hears of the crazy things happening in schools all over the country but we think “Not here”, that’s Chicago type stuff.

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