Pam Reece: Health Czar

By: Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos and Pam Reece signed a new Executive Order yesterday:

If the Town attorney approved this order he is luckily his name isn’t on it.

The title is Mask Requirements for Public Facilities and Employees. Obviously this applies to the public or an ordinance would not be needed to create policies for staff.

I wonder if the Town knows they are liable if they require employees to be vaccinated and an employee as an adverse reaction? Actually, this applies to EVERY employer. From the OSHA website:

See section 5 of the Emergency Order:

Pam Reece is not a doctor. She was no liability insurance for making poor health decisions. But, Pam Reece has been given the authority to make health decisions not just on public property but wherever she wants! “Specific locations”? “Specific Events”? Sounds like anywhere she wants!

Pam Reece must have magical powers to protect public health. The Emergency Order says nothing about the Health Department being consulted before this power was bestowed on Pam.

These things are true:

  • Normal does not trust it’s citizens to protect themselves
  • Chris Koos and Pam Reece will dictate as they see fit regardless of qualifications (Koos signed it too)
  • There is nothing in the order that prevents the City Manager from delegating masks/distancing tyranny to Koos or her preferred council members

Can you imagine Kathleen Lorenz, Kevin McCarthy, and Chris Koos as the mask police? Maybe the police force?

People cannot be legally be asked if they are vaccinated. That would be a violation of personal privacy. Gov Pritzker’s edict was issued because he knows he is losing the war. The “professional staff” played along.

In case the Town modifies the order, this is a copy of what was originally posted:

14 thoughts on “Pam Reece: Health Czar

  1. If it says specific places and events, where are the specifications, effective dates, which events, public or private

  2. Hello. I wanted to let you know that as of today 68 (two-thirds) Illinois counties have passed resolutions opposing SB1602 and all like language that is included in the Governor’s energy bill. These counties voted to preserve their rights to zone. There are more counties that have this on their agendas in the coming days.

    Counties are voting to oppose a proposed state law that would take away local control zoning regulations relating to wind turbines. This would severely limit the ability of county governments to pass zoning laws relating to siting and other issues in wind energy development. The Bill is in the Governor’s energy bill currently under consideration in the Spring Session of the Illinois General Assembly.

    The wording in the Governor’s bill and in SB1602 will severely restrict the ability of local governments to enact zoning laws. If it becomes law, the proposal will strip the ability of local governments to determine what is in the best interests of their communities. It also requires that zoning laws already in place be replaced and comply with the new mandates from Springfield. Local zoning should be left to the people who live within the communities and not dictated by someone else.

    This bill takes away local control of zoning laws by allowing the state to impose broad restriction on zoning relating to wind turbines. The local zoning board commissions, zoning boards of appeals and county boards will become bystanders in the zoning process if this legislation or anything similar becomes part of the larger energy legislation.

    Illinois is a diverse State. From the urban areas of Chicago to the Agriculture sections of Central Illinois and everything in between. Historically, the decision on enacting zoning laws was left to the local governments as they best understand the issues and concerns of their respective constituents. However, that will all change if the Illinois Legislature, as part of a larger energy package, passes a proposal to change the ways county governments pass zoning laws. It will severely restrict County Governments from enacting zoning legislation and effectively take control away from landowners.

    The proposed legislation is based upon a false premise that County Governments are hindering the Governor’s renewable energy goals. Illinois is one of the leading wind developers in the country and this legislation is nothing more than a wish list for the wind energy lobbyists to the detriment of farmers and landowners throughout the State of Illinois and that is why local governments all over the state are voicing their objections.

    Most, if not all, current county WECS ordinances include wording that landowners can waive local ordinances.

    The counties that have passed resolutions are:
















    De Witt





















































    Best regards,

    Rebekah Fehr

  3. They can stick this piece of garbage up their @$$€$. As far as I’m concerned, they do not exist and neither do their tyrannical “orders, directives, guidance, etc.” We were all born free by our almighty creator Jesus Christ. NOTHING these cretins do will change that reality. They can all pound sand for all I care.

  4. Just as Pritzker is loosening things up Pam grabs for the power void. I don’t think they care how bad this looks. They are too concerned with how to feed their ego.

    I do not want my tax dollars spent paying Pam to be the mask police

  5. Hi Diane My name is Judy Tovey, I am the treasurer for the McLean County Executive Board and I agree with you 100%. You are such a good researcher and not sure you are aware of this website. It is on this website there are templates or letters that people can use to give To workplaces, schools (and Universities), place of businesses, etc. It was written by attorneys and it Gives all the sources that support everything you have outlined. This includes vaccines and masks. There is also an intake form that a person can complete. People are using these all over the US. Plus if anyone needs a lawyer, you can contact them and they will connect you with a lawyer in your state. Most of the time, when the Lawyers contact the people making the restrictions, the restrictions are lifted. Judy Tovey 309-826-2416 [email protected]

    1. Here is what I am most concerned about – I fly a lot, often to other countries, I am very concerned that airlines are going to require vaccines and/or masks in order to fly and some countries are going to require them in order to get a visa or be admitted at the airports/ports of entry. Is there anything available to get around these ridiculous oppressive and discriminatory conditions/restrictions regarding air travel that may well be reality soon, the mask nonsense already is. I mean I can drive to anywhere on the North American continent (but don’t really want to drive all the way to Central America for instance) and though I did actually find a land and ferry route to Europe, it’s exhaustive and wildly expensive and only available in the summer months, so this is of primary concern to me, since I have family and friends that I can see only by flying along with simply loving to travel. There is more to life than work and shopping and going to a concert or sporting event.

  6. Hi Diane I am working on a project and I know you have many, many more resources than I. Here is the project: This is in regard to members of the Bloomington and Normal Town councils, school board member and County Board members I would like to find a source(s) which gives information on what issues/ideals these people ran on, major issues that these Boards/councils members have voted on and how each member voted in the past 1-2 years. -If you could just direct me the right direction, that would be appreciated. Thanks so much for what you do Judy Tovey 826-2416 [email protected]

  7. This is not about health and safety to Koos and Reece. It’s about command and control.

  8. Well, that was certainly no surprise, the Pams and Kooses (rhymes with Gooses) of this world will scrape, scratch and claw to retain some illusion of power over their subjects, making the subjects wear face rags gives them a visible sign that they can be comforted by. It’s truly pathetic, but truly dangerous that they can also manage to make life hell for normal people because the stench of them and their agendas has infiltrated way too many areas. I can almost imagine them keening and howling when Jabba The Pritz lifted up the heel of his jackboot just a little to allow the subjects to (literally) breathe a little and after some snarling and grousing then set right out to plan ways to keep the subjects in their face rags.

  9. Did Pam assume responsibility and liability when she fails to do something and people get sick too?

    What a bag of worms Koos and Pam created.

  10. Let’s play a game take selfie’s of yourself without a mask at Normal locations . Don’t do businesses (except Vitesse and friends of Koos ). Then email your pictures to Pam and Koos. Maybe put a mask over your eyes…

  11. Don’t NEED a vaccine, I drink the brown water in normal! That ought to kill everything short of the Plague!
    As for Pam and Koos, they can pound salt (burns more) for all I care…

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