Champaign cancels facemasks!

By: Diane Benjamin

Urbana did too:

Guess who hasn’t?

I talked to a manager of a local large retail business yesterday. Their signs will remain up requiring a mask, but they will not be enforcing it.

13 thoughts on “Champaign cancels facemasks!

  1. My wife and I are in Tennessee returning to Normal from South Carolina. Masks were not required in Indiana, Tennessee and South Carolina. It was great to see people’s faces again.

      1. No. The CDC analyzed recent data and the extent that some of this country are fully vaccinated (123.3 million people). Along with the vaccinations of younger children from 12 to 15.

        There are at least 4 to 5 variant viruses in this country. It wasn’t at first known if the 4 different vaccines protected the vaccinated against those variants. Looking at the data, those who are vaccinated can not spread the virus. They are also protected against the variants.

        Those who are NOT vaccinated are still vulnerable to catching the virus. They should still wear masks. Some businesses are still requiring masks since it depends on the honor system whether someone is vaccinated.

  2. I stopped wearing a mask almost a month ago. Still have only been asked to wear one once. I explained why I wasn’t wearing one and they said ok. CDC finally caught up to my logic. I’m fully vaccinated. Masks give me headaches and do not work. I have not seen one study to support their use.

  3. I stopped wearing a mask several months ago. But how will we ever convince the brainwashed that they can remove their masks?🤷‍♀️

    1. I really don’t care if brainwashed people want to wear a mask and risk harming their health because of it. What I do care about is brainwashed people thinking it’s their duty to harass me for not wearing a mask. Is their mask not protecting them? If not, then why are they wearing it?

  4. Historically, flu vaccines have been ineffective, and vaccines brought to market in a hurry–as is the case with the covid shots–have caused serious adverse events. Peter Marks, director of the FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research pointed out, “There was contaminated polio vaccine in 1955, cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome in recipients of flu vaccine in 1976, and narcolepsy linked to one brand of influenza vaccine in 2009.”

    The covid shots have not been shown to prevent transmission, infection, hospitalization, or death from covid. About 30 people a day in America are dying from serious side effects of the covid shots. The survival rate of covid is over 99%. So, why would anyone get one of these covid shots? The main reason is ignorance of the facts. And the government and vaccine makers are working very, very hard to make sure that people do not know the facts.

    Unfortunately, many people aren’t interested in learning about this, even though this information is in a medical journal–one that they would generally respect. And unfortunately, many people have been swayed by agents of the vaccine industry, elitist investors profiting from vaccines, politicians and the media. They believe they are doing their part for “the greater good” by getting the shot. The truth is anyone getting a covid shot is implicitly volunteering to be a guinea pig for the vaccine industry. Those skeptics who are unwilling to take the shot and participate in this risky experiment are labeled as pariahs, and are starting to have freedoms taken away simply because they won’t be a guinea pig. Where and when will this covid nonsense end?

  5. They are hanging on to them in Decatur it seems. This area is a LITTLE better these past few days than it has been. Parts of Southern Illinois have been pretty “unmasked” for a good while now, as have many entire states. The jig is up but some simply will NOT let go of their favorite form of “virtue signaling”. Wear a face rag if you want, wear it forever, I don’t care. Get a “vaccine”, just like you do every year for the flu and then often still get the flu, and fall for the “it just wasn’t the right shot” excuse. My immune system and I will continue to work together to keep me fine and dandy without injecting myself with various Big Pharma concoctions every year. This past year marked my 30th year without anything resembling “the flu” and I have NEVER EVER had a “flu shot”, so don’t try to shame or goad me into possibly messing up a very good thing, my well maintained God given immune system, I’ll keep taking my all natural herbal concoctions, get plenty of sun and outside time and not be a sick lab rat shut up in a house or with my face wrapped in a face diaper every time I dare to venture out. IF your immune system is already shot, or you never had a very good one to begin with and you don’t want to take the time and effort to fortify and improve it yourself, go ahead and take ALL of the “jabs” – I truly don’t care. Your health is YOUR responsibility as long as you are mentally sound adult, AND you do NOT have the right to dictate what I have to do. I will add that I do have compassion for those who suffer from immune deficiencies and the like through no fault of their own and for their sake I am glad there are things in Western medicine that can help them, I have a couple friends who are in this unfortunate boat.

  6. It’s ALL ABOUT the demonrats wanting to mind CONTROL the population, and this is just an experiment. Ain’t it kind of unusual that NO ONE got the flu this past winter, and no one died of coronary disease or other terminal conditions. It was ALL ABOUT COVID… That SHOULD send up a red flag to ANY thinking person.
    As for Faucci, IF he’s so damn smart, WHY don’t he work for a MAJOR drug company and make MAJOR $$$, instead of having a Government job-that should also tell you something… WOLF, wolf,, wolf,,
    There’s a reason they put a ring in a bulls nose!

    1. It’s unfortunate it’s not public knowledge how many shares of stock Fauci and Gates (and others) have in the vaccine manufacturers, and how much money they stand to make off of the covid shots. The people making public health decisions should NOT be able to profit from those decisions. There are many conflicts of interest within the medical industrial complex that are kept hidden from the public. Too many people don’t realize the wolves are in charge of the henhouse, and getting wealthy while public health continues to decline.

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