Vetting Dr. David Gill – again

Former Congressman Phil Hare endorsed Dr Gill for the 13 District seat vacated by Tim Johnson.  Johnson has defeated Dr. Gill 3 times.

Phil Hare is a FORMER congressman because of this video:

He was defeated by Bobby Shilling.

Here is the link for the March story:

Quote from the story:

Hare said Illinois families need more progressive voices in Congress. “I trust David to be a passionate voice for middle- class people,” Hare commented. “I know David will protect the rights of workers. And who better than an ER doctor like David Gill to block the Republicans’ attempts to end Medicare as we know it?”

Unfortunately, he must not be informed that ObamaCare takes of $700 billion out of Medicare.  Opponents of ObamaCare are trying to SAVE Medicare – it’s bankrupt in 12 years according to government reports.  Paul Ryan is the only guy willing to inform seniors and compose a plan to save it.

Progressives for Illinois?  Only is you like where the country is headed now.  From the video – progressive means I’m smarter than you and know what you need.  The Constitution is immaterial to that end.

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