“Visioning” for Agenda 21 and YOUR Money

The City of Bloomington is “Visioning” – so what exactly is it?

The Town of Normal “Visioned” the Uptown project – now the formerly sleepy town is BURIED in DEBT.  Of course they have a plan to pay for it!  Raise taxes – they already have.  See this previous post:


A large part of paying for the project depends on the economy.   The expected receipts are out of the control of the town.  They HOPE for stability.  Of course, the citizens are always there if needed.

The last time Bloomington “Visioned” what the citizens needed, you got the Coliseum and the BCPA.  The Coliseum hasn’t made enough money to cover interest on the loan and operating expenses!  Payments on the building haven’t started yet.  The BCPA doesn’t turn a profit either, in fact they don’t TRY to, they just ask the council for more money when needed.

From the Bloomington Work Session Packet 8-13-2012:

Community Visioning

Work Session – August 13, 2012
Supplemental Information
1. Articles on how to conduct a Community Visioning Program
a. Summary of The Center for Rural Pennsylvania’s Planning for the
Future: A Handbook on Community Visioning
b. Ehlers & Associates, Inc. – Where is Our Community Going

What are they doing?  They have a plan for what Bloomington should look like.  David Hales and Mayor Stockton are studying how other towns got their vision passed and implemented.  The citizens of Bloomington are being PROGRAMMED to buy into whatever their “Vision” is.

This plan includes Form Based Code which has been defeated many times, but they keep bringing it back.  Now they have a new approach – citizen input.  They are going to choose citizens for a commission, problem is the citizens they choose will already support their plan, but they will be billed as community leaders. Stockton will then sell the plan to Bloomington taxpayers as “coming from citizen input”.

Meanwhile, the jobs the City Council should address are ignored:  Streets, Sewers, Infrastructure, Pensions, Public Safety

Bloomington:  It is your city and your tax dollars

Both Bloomington and Normal use buzz words: Sustainability, unsustainable, smart growth, environmentally sustainable, commonsense planning

Agenda 21

Mention Agenda 21 to most of the council members and they will roll their eyes.  They are either complicit or clueless.  The Hile Group was caught on video training community leaders on how to get their agenda by the citizens.  The video – made in Florida – even refers to the citizens in Bloomington blocking progress.  If you haven’t watched it from previous posts-start watching at the 33 minutes mark:

Americans are trusting people.  It is hard to believe that our leaders and elected officials are taking orders from the United Nations.  The Main Stream Media is either complicit or clueless.   Luckily a few people aren’t.

See this resolution passed by the RNC in January.


Hear anything on the news about it?

The citizens are responsible for preserving freedom and liberty.  The people we elect must be held accountable.  They would prefer to make us slaves to debt.  What is your choice?

Still think the UN Flag should have a home in the Bloomington City Council chamber?

One thought on ““Visioning” for Agenda 21 and YOUR Money

  1. #1-My guess is that Hales knows very well how to implement Local Agenda 21. My guess is that this is the corporate ladder that Hales climbs. #2-The Main Stream Media is complicit and must remain so if they what to keep their job. Same with city staff concerned about getting their retirement. #3-Mayor Koos is surely a Local Agenda 21 leader by being featured on the ICLEI website as a “cool mayor,” although more accurately he is a “fool mayor.” #4-Mayor Stockton, along with the direction of Hales is attempting the transformation to regionalism. To get there more partnerships with the abNormal King Koos regime is at hand. #5-Mayor Stockton’s blatant disregard for fact concerning Agenda 21 is an overt display of his ignorance (df: lack of knowledge or information), although the only other obvious choices would be that he is a willing participant or living in denial. #6-The council needs to step up and do some serious research as when they applied for this job and ran for their seat at the table, the citizens of their ward expects them to conduct due diligence in representing them. The citizens expect that the Oath of Office is an Oath to uphold the Constitution which does not include the protocol as set forth by the United Nations Agenda 21. Time to get to work council to know what you are dealing with because Agenda 21 IS REAL!

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