Sen Bill Brady Votes by Accident – UPDATE!

by Diane Benjamin

Once again the Republican Party in Illinois shows ZERO leadership ability.  The final session of the legislature was a circus created by Mike Madigan to pass whatever legislation he approved of, a lot of it created to benefit his law clients.


What did the Republicans do?  Walk out? Refuse to participate in any legislation except reforms on the 2 biggest problems bankrupting the state – pension and medicaid reform?  Of course not.  They helped pass a cigarette tax increase, expansion of gambling, tax on satellite TV, and on and on.  Did any of them raise the issue of ILLEGAL ALIENS on Medicaid?  Did they stand up to the Chicago machine and say no to any Medicaid reform unless it takes ILLEGALS off Medicaid?  There is an estimated  75,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS getting their healthcare paid for by the citizens of Illinois.  We weren’t represented by people we elect to guard our interests!  How about the residents of other states collecting Medicaid benefits by just crossing the border?  Why are the Republicans continuing to be complicit with Democrats on medicaid reform?

Democrats in Wisconsin and Indiana at least had the guts to walk OUT OF THEIR STATE when they didn’t agree with what was happening in their legislatures.  They at least took a stand.  Only Republican Rep. Mike Bost took a stand on the House floor, the entire Republican Party in the House should have walked out.  Madigan was throwing bills up for votes that nobody had read.  The Republicans had a chance to stop him, but failed miserably.  Illinois continues it’s race to the bottom and the Republicans are doing nothing to stop it, in fact they are assisting.  If you missed the rant, see it here:

Bill Brady then shows complete incompetence by accidentally voting YES for early release of prisoners because he was too busy and there were too many bills.  He was off the floor, then voted on what he thought was a different bill.  Hear the admission at: I really hope nobody dies at the hands of an early release prisoner because Illinois wants to save money!

Session after session in Springfield ends the same way.  Rushing to adjourn and get home, bill after after is passed based on what Tom Cross, Mike Madigan,  John Cullerton, and Christine Radogno tell their caucus to do.  The Illinois TEA Party caught Tom Cross lying about ObamaCare being in Medicaid reform bill:, yet the Republicans keeping marching to his drum.

There is NO ONE looking out for the people of Illinois.  The Republicans are in the minority and always will be because of their failure at leadership.  Bill Brady is hinting at running for Governor again.  Bill, you show ZERO leadership ability in your current job, the citizens of Illinois deserve better.  You ran in 2010-the year Republicans swept the country-and you still lost.  Please spare us another run.

As Illinois descends further into debt, pensions AREN’T going to be paid.  There is no money.  People will continue leaving the state.  A 67% tax increase to fund pensions wasn’t anywhere close to enough.  Since no reforms have been done, the pension system will eventually collapse.  Gov. Quinn’s plan to push pensions back on local authorities was so THEY could file bankruptcy.  The state can’t, so they tried the next best thing.

Since the Republicans are not capable of forming plans to save Illinois and conveying a coherent message to voters, there is no reason to vote for them.  I strongly suggest voting for only Democrats in November – let them destroy the state without help from the people who’s platform clearly states “limited government” and “fiscal responsibility”.  They obviously don’t believe it.  Read the platform at:

In the meantime, a lot of us are looking for a good state to move to.  Mild weather is a must (Texas is too hot!), and of course a conservative governor and legislature.  Suggestions?


I received a call from Illinois Sen Chris Lauzen today.  He wanted me to know I was “Right On” with these comments.  He did add a few points:

  • He did speak on the Senate floor concerning the illegal aliens currently on Medicaid (YOUR tax dollars) in Illinois.  He was largely ignored and sneered at.
  • The Senate minority leader, Christine Radogno,  was extremely pleased with herself for finding 5 lame duck Senators to vote yes for ObamaCare in Cook County.
  • The biggest problem with the Il GOP is lack of leadership starting with Pat Brady and continuing through to elected Republicans at almost every level.  Unfortunately for the state, Senator Lauzen is stepping down to clean up politics in his county.  Pat Brady supported his primary opponent in March for the Kane County Board Chairman.  The opponent was a former Democratic precinct-man.     Luckily the good guy won by 40%!
  • Shane Cultra is now an embarrassment as a conservative since he was one of the 5.  Taking one for the team may have a place, but not when values and principles are compromised.
  • Christine Radogno and Pat Brady must be replaced.

The Illinois TEA Party has a plan for Radogno, but the Il GOP has worked the system so that individuals have no voice in the party.  If you want REAL change in Illinois, quit supporting the IL GOP and START supporting the people actually doing something to make it happen:

4 thoughts on “Sen Bill Brady Votes by Accident – UPDATE!

  1. Yup. Both parties will take every penny you have. They will use different words to justify it, and will just spend it on different stuff.

    Illegals are a big problem. Another biggie is people faking disability and permanently going on the government dole.

    Tea Party is a very important part of the dialog.

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