Voice of The People


June 1, 2012

   Of the people, for the people, and for the good of the community.
Those are big shoes to fill.
As CITYWATCH strives to be the voice of the people in our community, and to advocate for the best interest of the community, its success depends, in part, on that of the citizen in the community.  After all, it’s the citizens best interest, when realized, that culminates into whether or not our community prospers, that our rights are preserved, and the liberty to pursue what we feel is best for us, as a whole,  is protected.

To that end, its important that CITYWATCH not only be a voice of and for the people, but to continually and effectively act as its voice it must become its sounding board, as well.

Acting as a “watchdog”, so to speak, of local government and of issues that are determined to critically impact citizens and community is not our only role. Within our mission and along with the charge of the people, for the people, and for he good of the community, comes an inherent responsibility to do more – to advocate for what’s best for and to represent the people and the community for those who choose not to (for whatever reason) and for those who cannot. Everyone has a voice. It is at that point that CITYWATCH assumes its charge – if not us then who?

CITYWATCH  can extend its reach into the community, and advocate what’s best the community only by the citizen’s participation. Then, and only then, can we assure that our mission is accomplished and we have performed our role, our charge – of the people, for the people, and for the good of the community satisfactorily.
And while we sometimes may have differences, those can be overcome. We all should have one common goal: to preserve and protect what’s best for ourselves and our community.

   Let us hear from you. It’s your voice we represent. It’s your community. It’s’ your best interest.

We’re listening!

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