Pantagraph: Stupid isn’t harsh enough

by:  Diane Benjamin It’s common knowledge that the Pantagraph is the LAST place to get news.  They have a standing order to NEVER do any investigations. Given that, the RAG could at least use Google. Try it, it’s quick and you don’t have to leave your desk and actually ask tough questions. Cheers and Jeers […]

Really Pantagraph?

by:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph has another unsigned Editorial – this one praises the City of Bloomington for passing a Transparency Ordinance.  I almost fell off my chair laughing at one of the lines: That’s a promise especially important to media outlets and government watchdog groups that are charged with a “fourth estate” responsibility to […]

IL: State’s debt equals $55K for every private-sector worker, report says

By Jayette Bolinski | Illinois Watchdog SPRINGFIELD — Every private-sector employee in Illinois would have to pony up more than $55,000 each to pay for all of the state’s accrued debt, according to a new analysis. Illinois has $271.1 billion worth of debt, among the worst states in terms of total debt, according to a report […]