Vetting Tari Renner – Part 3

How does Tari feel about immigration issues?

From an IWU Newsletter:

This again has been an exciting semester for us. Dr. Carolyn Nadeau’s Spanish for Social Justice class, with the support of the IWU Action Research Center, presented their work on community involvement. The audience learned about valuable IWU-community connections and how fieldwork strengthens the curriculum. The students volunteered with the following organizations as part of the course requirements: Habitat for Humanity, Bent Elementary, Heartland Head Start, Hispanic Families Work Group, Western Avenue Community Center, Immigration Project, Ecology Action Center, Tari Renner for Mayor Campaign, Bloomington Public Library, Bloomington Junior High School, Radio Latino, and the American Red Cross.”

In case you didn’t know – Social Justice is a nice way of saying “Re-distribution of Wealth”


What were Tari’s thoughts on replacing O’Conner on the Supreme Court?

O’Connor Retirement Creates “High Drama,” Says Illinois Wesleyan Political Scientist

Quote from the article:  “One possible ‘ace in the hole’ for Democrats is that they now have Illinois U.S. Senator Barack Obama to help lead the opposition. As an effective orator and former constitutional law professor, he may provide the party with the clear and responsible voice they need at this critical time.”


What are Tari’s thoughts on the TEA Party?

From Page 7

Both Chapters 7 and 8 address the Tea Party, which can be seen as a political party coalition (within the Republican Party) and as a third force in politics (hence, an interest group). Since the Tea Party has no central nucleus, Tari Renner in his chapter on political parties and Nina Kasniunas and Mark Rozell in their chapter on interest groups examine how the Tea Party’s potency in the 2010 elections may have implications for the future. In a sense, parties and interest groups—whether it is the Democratic National Committee, the National Rifle Association, or a new super PAC, such as American Crossroads—are similar in that they are the organizational muscle in campaigns today. The difference today compared to the past is that there is greater and more involvement from more party and interest group organizations than ever before.

Editor’s Comment: Contrary to what the Democrat talking points are, The TEA party is NOT a wing of the Republican Party.  In fact, the TEA party has to destroy the establishment Republican Party before we can confront the Democratic Party.


Durbin lends help to Renner’s run for U.S. House seat×109010

January 21, 2004

SPRINGFIELD – U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin is lending a hand to a McLean County Democrat’s bid for Congress.

Durbin’s chief fund-raiser, Nancy Kohn, has begun working for Tari Renner, who is a candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 11th district.


The America's Intelligence Wire

Democrat Durbin endorses Tari Renner for Bloomington mayor.

The America’s Intelligence Wire

March 22, 2009

(From McClatchy-Tribune Regional News – The Pantagraph, Bloomington, Ill)

Byline: Michele Steinbacher

BLOOMINGTON — Bloomington mayoral candidate Tari Renner welcomed the endorsement Saturday of U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat and the second-highest ranking member of the Senate.

Speaking at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 99 on Eldorado Road, Durbin said he’s backing Renner because he’s known him more than a dozen years and he believes Renner is the best man for the job.

“This economy needs to bring the very best talent forward,” Durbin said.

Renner, an Illinois Wesleyan University political science professor and a McLean County Board member, is in a three-way race against incumbent Mayor Steve Stockton and newcomer Eric Decossas.

The election is April 7.

Durbin pointed to Renner‘s experience on the McLean County Board and to his campaign’s success bringing together management, labor, and working families.

Durbin serves as the Senate majority whip under Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Renner said he was deeply honored to accept Durbin’s endorsement. Renner also has garnered endorsements from the city’s police and firefighter unions, the first time either group has done so in their 71-year existence, he said.

Stockton, a retired State Farm Insurance Cos. vice president, said he wasn’t surprised by Saturday’s announcement.

“This is just a replay of Professor Renner‘s most recent campaign for U.S. Congress when Sen. Durbin not only endorsed him, by also provided funding and a campaign aide,” said Stockton.

Decossas, a business analyst at State Farm, said Durbin’s backing links Renner to Washington, D.C. politicians who are “wasting taxpayers’ dollars.”

“(Durbin’s) endorsement shows, to me, that Tari Renner is a political insider,” Decossas said.


Want to know why Tari’s number one priory is roads?

Listen to the WJBC radio interview here:


How are County salaries determined?

The procedure has probably been the same for years, and it continued when Tari was on the Board

See pages 91-93:

Salaries and raises are arrived at based on what other counties pay.  This is why the public sector salaries are completely out of touch with private sector salaries! The problem isn’t just with the county, it’s in virtually every level of government.  No one thinks about salaries for non-government employees, or that pay increases have been almost non-existent in the private sector in recent years.

More coming!

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