Bill Brady again?

by Diane Benjamin

Sen Brady ran for Governor in 2010.

5 Congressional seats were flipped to GOP in November 2010, but Bill still LOST!

If Bill couldn’t win when there was a Nationwide landslide for the GOP – including Illinois – he can’t win in 2014!

As a result of his loss, our entire state was then gerrymandered Democratic for the next TEN years.

Bill Brady seeks rematch  (How about retirement?)

6 thoughts on “Bill Brady again?

  1. It is almost impossible to win the Governors race in Illinois if you do not win Cook (Crook) County! In our last Governor race Pat Quinn won 4 counties and Bill Brady won 98 counties YET Pat Quinn still won just because he won Chicago’s Cook County. Down state Illinois has no voice or power compared to Chicago! It’s not fair! It has been known for years that Cook County is a cesspool for MAJOR fraud. That is why it should not surprise US in Illinois that Chicago has put one of the biggest frauds in our White House in the entire history of our nation.

    1. Actually not correct. Quinn only won 3 counties. Almost half of the registered voters outside of Cook County stayed home in 2010. We have the votes to throw the Chicago Democrats out of office, downstate doesn’t care enough to do it.

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