How Long Are You Going to be a Slave?

by:  Diane Benjamin

If you continue to let government do anything it wants, spend your money, tax you more when they need it – you are a slave to government!

Government’s job is to Protect your rights, not tell you which ones you are entitled to.

Tonight, yet another meeting on the East-side bypass that very few people want.  Common sense says we have a by-pass.  Common sense says the growth of the last 20 years will not continue.  Major employers in Bloomington-Normal are NOT increasing jobs.  Common sense also says that Towanda Barnes Road can connect to 55 and 74 without the destruction of many homes, businesses, and farmland.  Common sense also says $200,000,000 – $300,000,000 or more for 12 miles of road is offensive!

Government doesn’t use common sense!

People need to show up tonight and tell them to start using some!  They expect a vote on where to put it.  How about citizens show up and tell them where WE think they should put it!

Normal Community High School 6:10 and 7:10


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