East Side Bypass-Highway-Freeway

By:  Diane Benjamin I attended part of the Public Hearing last night at Central Catholic High school. Side note:  I wonder how much they spend per student in their lovely facility?  I bet it isn’t close to what Unit 5/District 87 spend.  Somebody should really study that angle. I did a quick Internet search yesterday […]

Miscellaneous stuff:

By:  Diane Benjamin 1) East Side Highway meeting tonight:  6:00-9:00 Central Catholic High School 2) If you aren’t protesting your property assessed value – you are a sheep being led to slaughter.  I’m sure it says how and where to protest on the letter you received. 3) I finally listened to the video from Monday’s […]

Real Citizens Fight Back

I’m hearing some members of the McLean County Board are NOT in favor of this bypass.  When are you going to take a stand? by:  Diane Benjamin The citizens of Waukesha Wisconsin don’t want a Bypass either.  But they aren’t laying down and just letting it happen. Of course, Wisconsin is the state that elected Scott […]

More on the East-Side Destruction

by:  Diane Benjamin The vote to proceed with a “Study” on the East Side Highway was taken by the McLean County Board on June 15, 2010. Read the discussion of the County Board before the vote to spend $10 million was taken – it begins on page 69  http://www.mcleancountyil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/56 I asked my representative years ago […]

The East Side Highway Myth

by:  Diane Benjamin At the meeting last night, we were told the highway is needed because of the growth projected by 2035. The growth estimates are questionable and nothing predicted in the past has actually come to fruition, but that’s not the point. Growth.  What comes to mind?  Maybe more houses, businesses, roads, sewers, schools, […]


The latest news from CityWatch:   “What do you mean the McLean County Regional Planning Commission  are federal administrators?” That was the question in response to the recent discovery regarding who the McLean County Regional Planning Commission really is. So, what was the discovery, you ask?   It started with an investigation some weeks back when we became […]