More on the East-Side Destruction

by:  Diane Benjamin

The vote to proceed with a “Study” on the East Side Highway was taken by the McLean County Board on June 15, 2010.

Read the discussion of the County Board before the vote to spend $10 million was taken – it begins on page 69

I asked my representative years ago – James Soldner –  why he voted Yes.  His explanation was:

1)  It’s not our money

2)  It’s only a study

Did he really believe $10 million was going to be spent on a study and then they could vote on whether to build it?  Evidently.  Today the citizens are down to 2 choices on WHERE to build it, not IF.

Who voted to spend the $10,000,000:

Yes votes:                              No votes

Diane Bostic                                                            John Butler

William Caisley *                                                     John McIntyre *

Don Cavallini *                                                       Paul Segobiano *

George Gordon *                                                   Laurie Wollrab *

Stan Hoselton  *                                                     Scott Black – now Bloomington Alderman

Robert Nuckols                                                      Bette Rackauskus

Sondra ‘Conner *                                                   George Wendt *

Benjamin Owens *                                                 Duane Moss

Eric Rankin *

James Soldner *

Cathy Ahart

* Still a McLean County Board member

In case you don’t know what your 2 choices are for where the road is located:


If you live anywhere on the east side of Bloomington-Normal, your house value will be negatively affected.  This is NOT a Towanda – Barnes type road.  They want to build a 4 lane divided highway!  It comes complete with a bike path so it can be called Green.

Here is a County Board district map:

Here is the contact information for your Board members (each district has 2)

The Egyptian people just threw out an elected President who turned dictator.  If they can accomplish that task, you can defeat this violation of your property rights!

Unless you stand up for yourselves, expect the ruling class to continue victimizing you.  I hope you are happy with an interstate in your backyard, front yard, or side yard.  You are running out of time to stop it.

One thought on “More on the East-Side Destruction

  1. “It’s not our money.” So whose money is it Jim? It’s tax money fool, so yes it is our money and your ignorance is another $10 mil towards the Marxist, Communist Obama transformation of America to break it’s economical back! Basic neutralization of permitting one’s own ignorance.

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