You thought the East Side Highway was dead?

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s not unless the County Board KILLS it.  There is a public hearing Wednesday October 19, 2016  at 6:00pm – Central Catholic High School.  I don’t know why, but it is scheduled until 9:00pm.  The last plan I remember is a 4 lane divided highway with divided bike paths.  If you ever see bikers on the paths already built, please let me know.  I hear somebody saw two last week on the Towanda trail.

Below is what I believe will be handed out or just discussed at the meeting. It doesn’t sound anywhere close to dead.  Concerned citizens need to attend.  Ask your County Board member how they plan to vote if it comes up!

A PDF copy can be seen HERE esh1


16 thoughts on “You thought the East Side Highway was dead?

  1. MCRPC plans are in place. Land use determinations have been made. The East Side is where the future growth is projected (determined) to be. The only thing missing is funding.


      1. I would like to know where the fast growth is hiding? I guess .01 percent growth is better than no growth and the exodus of people. It doesn’t matter how any of these publications try to spin reality. State Farm (and insurance in general) is being disrupted as we speak. Their employment numbers have peaked and will begin a steady decline that will change this town permanently.


      2. We have entered a time in which the mindsets associated with the hierarchical control of companies and governments are incapable of responsibly guiding their respective entities into the Age of Exponential Technological Change. They are Model T mechanics trying to work on a Tesla.


  2. Wait a second… Aren’t we supposed to extole the virtue and benefit of downtown Bloomington and restore older neighborhoids? Why worry about east side growth if we want populstion in town? Why did out the City recently approving $700 light fixtures to beautify downtown? Will Connect Transit serve the alleged growth on the east side?


  3. Gee, no funding but a vote for a transportation bill come November. Looks like more wasteful government bullshit spending.


  4. Just look at the west side. Were we not told at one point that the west side was growing? I don’t see a bunch of subdivisions west of I-55 going south. They were wrong before, I don’t think giving them the right to mess with our money and impact a church and a bunch of subdivisions is solving anything.

    My neighbor was on the citizen focus committee and he said they wanted it further east. Nice to see the planners are listening.


    1. Yes, the city invested $10M in 1993 on the south east side to accommodate the then projected growth of 59,000 people. The growth never happpened and the taxpayers lost $9M. The south and west side development has been abandoned.


  5. The Mudd Planning Commision is to get the hell out of Bloomington and the entire state of Illinois. The crooked politicians in this state are just getting worse all the time. It’s amazing that they keep finding ways to steal money that doesn’t even exist yet. Amazing!


  6. We need to call this road, excuse me, I mean street, just what it is. A Subdivision Development that the taxpayers will get to fund.


  7. Wait. Your argument against bike trails is that if YOU don’t see a bike no one is using the trail? I see a lot of empty roads in Ellsworth. Time to decommission them!


    1. I thought you weren’t going to read anymore! I never got an apology after your last comments. (Remember the Coliseum?)

      My road has tons of traffic including bikes. They seems to prefer planning their own routes instead of using what government provides.

      We even got one of those crushed lime roads. It was a dusty mess until it rained – now it’s a great road with lots of traffic.


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