Americans have good reason not to ‘Like’ Facebook

Sold their own country out by tying their need for workers to the immigration reform bill


By Judi McLeod

We all use Facebook.  And God knows Facebook uses all of us.

With money to burn, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, heading up a group of high-tech pooh-bahs,  used a million-dollar super PAC to more than doubling the number of foreign workers to keep their companies thriving by piggybacking on to Obama’s immigration reform.

“High technology companies are among the fastest growing lobbying shops in Washington,” said Adam Thierer, of the Mercatus Center for Politics at George Mason University.  “Google, Facebook, Microsoft, these are among the largest players, and they’re matching what a lot of other telecommunications and cable companies have done for many years.” (, June 24, 2013).  High technology companies, the backbone of today’s economy, played a major role in the Senate test vote on immigration reform that passed 67-27 last night.

When have “other telecommunications and cable companies” stabbed America in the back by helping a president land the big fish called immigration reform making more than 11 million illegal immigrants legal?

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is launching an ad campaign in support of the Senate bill.  But it was the tech sector, which wants the right to hire the best and brightest even if they’re not American, that helped jump-start the immigration debate months ago.

“Historically, Palo Alto has been a reluctant political player, often seeingWashington as too slow and methodical, plodding and unsophisticated.  But frustrated by losing highly skilled and hyper-educated foreign tech workers to Canada, China, India and Europe, Zuckerberg recruited like-minded millionaires from Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo to form “” ( to push immigration reform.

Everybody else, including unknown numbers of legal immigrants waiting to get into the U.S. stand in line, some waiting for years.  Shouldn’t millionaire tech company owners have to do the same thing?

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