Conversation with a Kool-Aid Drinker

by:  Diane Benjamin

I hate to admit it, but I watch ABC World News just to see what the liberal media isn’t covering, which is most of the real news.  Last week they did a story about the fires in Colorado and DIDN’T blame Global Warming.  I was shocked since normally every weather story blames Global Warming. Last night they made up for it.  Before the news they sent this Tweet:

Tonight on @abcworldnews: What do climate scientists say about the impact of a warming world on wildfires?

I didn’t have to watch to know the story, so I replied with this:

@Clayton_Sandell @ABCWorldNews I thought ABC was getting smarter, sorry I trusted you. #GlobalWarmingMyths

Clayton Sandell replied:

@teapartybloom What specifically do you take issue with?

My reply (remember Twitter limits character to 140)

@Clayton_Sandell GWarming as been disproved. Nothing predicted has happened, no warming in at least 12 years.Only support is peeps paid to.

His reply:

@teapartybloom Tens of thousands of qualified climate scientists, the U.S. military, insurance companies, many more would disagree with you.

My reply:

@Clayton_Sandell I’ve got a long list of disbelievers too. Follow the money.

He didn’t reply quickly, so I tried again:

@Clayton_Sandell Have you ever witnessed a debate? Don’t all scientific claims subject themselves to debate? Not global warming!

Clayton then asked this: (note my questions were never addressed)

@teapartybloom Is smoking bad for you?


@Clayton_Sandell I hear it causes cancer and I’ve seen the lung pics. Point?


@teapartybloom There’s not much debate on the smoking/cancer link anymore either. Wondering if you question that science too?

Me: (for which I got no response)

@Clayton_Sandell You just run with the agree crowd. There is a whole world out here of disbelievers. You know, flat earthers. facts matter

@Clayton_Sandell Have you ever asked why the Middle Ages were warmer than now? Somehow the world survived!

@Clayton_Sandell There is nothing worse than an un-curious reporter.

When reality finally sinks in and the majority of people understand they have been ripped off, will Clayton and ABC feel really stupid?  Probably not, it will Bush’s fault.


I checked Clayton’s Twitter page.  He has posts from NOAA stating we’ve had 339 weeks of above average 20th century temperatures.  Clayton, Clayton, NOAA is a government agency.  Many other sources have reported no warming in 12-15 years.  Like I said, follow the money.  Would NOAA get funding for telling the truth?  The truth hurts the Obama agenda, doesn’t it?

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