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Canada knows:  Now bring this obscenity to an end and save your freedom and your country.

While it is still possible.

By Jerry Philipson Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why shouldn’t government spy on us all twenty four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days year for life?

So what, you ask?

Because reading this makes you a suspicious person.

Because in this internet age government can control every aspect of your life and can destroy you in a heartbeat with a few keystrokes if it wishes.

Because even the most innocuous and innocent activities can be taken out of context or viewed as suspicious and bring government down on you.

Because you’re no longer free to express yourself for fear of bringing yourself to government’s attention. Can criticizing government or speaking out against the government line bring government down on you? You bet it can. Will it? You bet it will.

Because you may think you have nothing to hide but government may think differently and ruin your life because it does.

Because your freedom of association is also taken away…if government doesn’t like who you’re associating with or views people you associate with as suspicious, even if they’re relatives or even if you know nothing about why government sees them as suspicious in the first place, that makes you suspicious as well.

Because government being government it won’t stop with spying on you and documenting everything about you, with keeping its eyes and ears on you twenty four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days a year for life. Taking away freedom of movement could very well be next and after that taking away other freedoms you take for granted as well. Will that happen if it gets away with this constant spying on you? Yes it will. Absolutely it will.

Because if government doesn’t like what you read or how you think or disapproves of your political activities or anything else about you it can intrude on your life and force you to act as it wants you to…because government can smear you and ruin you and throw you in jail if it doesn’t like you. You don’t think government will use the information it gathers about you against you, will use it to keep you in line? Think again. Of course it will.

Because that old canard about having nothing to fear if you’re innocent and have nothing to hide is simply untrue. Virtually anything can be misconstrued or seen as suspicious and innocent people get hurt all the time by government. In fact, the bigger the government program the more innocent people get hurt and mass spying is one ofthe biggest government programs there is.

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