What you need to know about Bloomington’s new commission

By: Diane Benjamin

PDF page 320: https://d3n9y02raazwpg.cloudfront.net/cityblm/2593119f-7d4f-11ed-9024-0050569183fa-791fe512-602c-4d20-98c8-ecdbbed39134-1687541345.pdf

The documentation starts off with a stretch of the truth:

Additional discussion on the Initiative took place at the Committee of the Whole meeting on
June 19, 2023, at which time there was a consensus to bring a formal proposal forward at a
future meeting.

Consensus isn’t a 5-4 vote and the vote was to “hear more”, not bring a formal proposal forward.

Nothing new was heard at Monday’s meeting, just a name change that duplicated the purpose of the already existing PSCRB.

From the documentation:

“Stakeholders” is a ridiculous term that implies all citizens don’t have a stake in not getting shot. “Expertise” with gun violence would be the police, the documentation doesn’t say if one of them will be included.

Just to document the timeline going forward:

The deliverables that won’t be included: increasing the size of the police department and eliminating the Safety-T act that coddles gun criminals.

It probably won’t include an actual “gun safe” giveaway either. When a gun buy-back program is announced don’t believe this new commission came up with the idea. It’s already been floated off the record. It also won’t curb gun violence since criminals won’t be turning in theirs.

If this commission can’t perform miracles (make criminals obey laws), it will be further proof the left likes to waste time and your tax dollars.

Today’s chuckle, also from the documentation:

While the City has been fortunate to have lower rates of gun violence than many peer communities, even one instance of gun violence is too much.

This same argument will be used to raise your water rates: Bloomington rates are lower than peer communities therefore they need increased.

3 thoughts on “What you need to know about Bloomington’s new commission

  1. Absolute joke. Ms. Ward is a joke. Gathering data for just the City of Bloomington is a joke. She needs to go north and see what is transpiring in Chicago. Does she think that a group won’t form to protect 2A rights? How about our councilman that is ex-military? I say ex because no way no how was he honorably discharged. He is a disgrace. Ms. Ward’s intentions are to attempt gun control. Good luck Ms. Ward. You will be in court for your stupidity. How woke can Bloomington go? We elected the wrong mayor…again.

  2. Remember that places like Normal include expenses that are not generally water expenses. So if Bloomington does not buy snow removal equipment and pay for other non-water expenses from the fund, Bloomington rates should be lower.

  3. Stakeholders, is code for the Elite, the Progressives, the “In” Crowd, of which law-abiding citizen tax payers are not welcome.

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