Fleeing To Illinois

By: Diane Benjamin

Families flee states with anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ+ laws for Illinois where their rights are protected


FYI: I can tell how many people actually read this story! You are going to want to because your taxes are going to go up to cover wide-spread mental illness.


Parents who lets a SEVEN YEAR OLD decide the rest of her life need charged with child abuse. Illinois will sterilize her before she is old enough to ride in a car without a booster seat.

Pritzker is funding transgender mania. Chicago is the perfect place for this family. New Illinois keeps looking better and better. https://newillinoisstate.org/

18 thoughts on “Fleeing To Illinois

  1. Great! Now they’re turning Illinois into a magnet for perverts and perversion. So sad. Illinois is a wonderful state below I80 and west of I39….well, mostly it is, there’s a few exceptions, BloNo being one.

  2. those that allow the undeveloped minds of seven year olds to make life-changing decisions should not be parents

  3. The Pritzker family is often cited as one of the biggest investors in the new and growing transition industry, aimed at children and terrified parents. $$$ They are referenced in this documentary from Epoch Times. I know you have to get a subscription to watch it but its worth it. Epoch Times is a news agency that is not beholden to corporate America. JB and his trans brother are a cancer on our country.


  4. In essence the Pritzker corporation invests in the transition industry while at the same time pushing Illinois legislation and educational policies to normalize and protect child sexualization.

    What is the difference between this and grooming?
    What is the difference between pedophilia and the Pritzker family?
    What is the difference between the Pritzker and the Biden families? $$$

    Using your political position for personal financial gain use to be wrong but his is wrong on so many other levels.

    1. Federal courts have stuck down both Arkansas and Florida’s ban on transgender legislation preventing youth transition into the sex they know they are in reality. Transgender youth and their parents have the Constitutional right to give their children the health care they need to stay psychologically healthy. If this unnamed 7-year-old is questioning his gender, he certainly has a doctor overseeing his treatment.
      A 7-year-old wouldn’t even be starting any hormones or any surgery. None of this is any of your business. Apparently now transgenders youths are your new scapegoats.
      Children who persistently question the sex they were designated at birth are often referred to specialty clinics providing gender-confirming care. Such care typically begins with a psychological evaluation to determine whether the children have “gender dysphoria,” or distress caused when gender identity doesn’t match a person’s assigned sex.
      Children who meet clinical guidelines are first offered medication that temporarily blocks puberty. This treatment is designed for youngsters diagnosed with gender dysphoria who have been counseled with their families and are mature enough to understand what the regimen entails.
      Guidelines recommend starting these when kids are mature enough to make informed medical decisions. That is typically around age 16, and parents’ consent is typically required, said Dr. Gina Sequiera, co-director of Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Gender Clinic.
      Transgender youth have protected civil rights. All this small government stuff you spout is nonsense. You want the government to be in everyone’s business to legislate what you personally don’t like because of prejudice and bigotry. Who will be next on your list?

      1. I want parents to not be able to sterilize their minor children! I know a local doctor who will handout puberty blockers as long as parents have insurance. It’s all about $$$$, not healthcare,

        1. J PIERSER just saying that sex or gender is ASSIGNED at birth is asinine to the extreme. God, nature, whatever one thinks, created two sexes, two genders. All mammals are two gendered. No amount of word-smithing will change what natures done. The whole gender identity conversation is socially engineered bs that does terrible, tragic, damage to children. People that promote this are committing crimes against nature and are as perverted as the idea itself. Psychological testing a child and determining them “mature” enough to ‘transition’ is beyond any level of reason. The same psychological industry claims ones brain doesn’t mature until about 25 years of age! Standing law holds people too immature to drive until 16, vote until 18, and drink alcohol until 21!
          And you claim kids are mature enough at SINGLE DIGITS to begin puberty blockers!! This is sick. Very very sick.

            1. First we overlook evil.
              Then we permit evil.
              Then we legalize evil.
              Then we promote evil.
              Then we celebrate evil.
              Then we persecute those who still call it evil.

              The best trick the devil ever played was to convince people he doesn’t exist.

          1. Duroc is mostly correct, but I feel one point needs to be clarified. The left purposely misleads and conflates to confuse the poorly informed and make legitimate discussion difficult, since they know they will lose most such discussions. ‘Assigned at birth’ is one example – that term Is sometimes applicable to children born as hermaphrodites. The left trying to expand it to apply to everyone is like forcing all the children in a school to undergo chemotherapy because one child has leukemia.

        2. Undoubtedly you’re right Diane, common sense is waaay beyond this person….and others of like mind.
          I just can’t wrap my head around this stuff anymore! Where has all this perversion come from? How has it become mainstream conversation? How has society become so twisted? And how messed up the parents of these children must be!!!! What’s happened…..there’s always been queers and lesbians but THIS stuff is beyond any form of reasoning.

            1. Exactly Diane. This isn’t about a lack of intelligence or a lack of common sense, it’s about the fact that they simply have a broken or partial morality. Their fragmented morality allows them to pursue any debauchery, thinking it’s perfectly normal. They reject the foundations of civilization so under their leadership civilization will fall.

              1. Et al, religious differences aside…. naturalist , Christian, Hindu, Muslim, pagan, Buddhist, Darwinists, native American, you name it, and they ALL acknowledged two, not three or more, just two sexes. “Science”, whatever that is, ( it’s wherever the dollars come from) , agreed until the last decade. These perversions need to be stopped. By law, or by whatever is necessary, because the proponents of this insanity are truly evil and they bring evil unto society’s children! Thus, as FROMHERE said, civilization will fall.

  5. Duroc: I have had more interactions with gay people than I ever imagined I would. What they all have in common, at least the ones I have known, is a traumatic life experience. Most come from broken homes for one reason or another, a parent who left them, domestic violence, multiple marriages of one or both parents, a death of a parent and so on. In each case, an important source of love was lacking in their upbringing. This has to play with the mind. In those seeking sexual transition, I believe those experiences of mental trauma are multiplied exponentially. No matter what they try to tell you or themselves, they are struggling with severe mental illness. A totally sane person would never wish such physical self mutilation to be performed on themselves.

    1. MPEABODY, no doubt there’s truth to what you say. Our central family structure has never been less. Marriages fail more often than not. And social media has untold influence on young minds. The perfect psychotic storm. And a sick group is taking advantage. I hope there’s a special kind of hell for the people, doctors, politicians, and all advocates of this perversion. I saw an article just today about the LGBTQ/Drag Queen parade in NYC, chanting ‘”We’re here. We’re queer. And we’re come after your children”!!!!! I have no words. These people need to be stopped. They are no better than a rapist, cereal killer, or the most heinous criminal imaginable.

  6. This surprises you? Illinois is the abortion vacation destination as well as the illegal destination and you’re surprised that trans are now migrating to Illinois?

  7. Let me understand this “it is none of our business”. Jesus is very direct to us when he states that little children his children are the most precious beings in the world, the bible is filled with his and God’s direction on how we should raise and treat the little children of the world.
    That being said I believe that it is not up to us to surgically transform our children into whatever. When they reach adulthood and out from under their parents control they then as adults can choose to be transformed to whatever. That does not mean that we don’t love them unconditionally and provide them with all the moral support available as they go through tough emotional times.

    I have difficulty understanding the whole transgender concept, a woman becomes a man she cannot or has no desire to get pregnant as she is a man, a man becomes a woman he cannot get pregnant he is a man with no uterus.. So would this mean that our human species would eventually disappear.

    It is quite obvious that there is a movement in place to now come after your little children. All of you as adults need to step up and put a stop to this nonsense. Leave our little ones alone!

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