Sunday: A can’t miss interview

Kevin Phares will air his interview with Riley Gaines on his Sunday show – Cities 92.9. Speechless begins at 3:00pm.

Of course it pertains to women being erased when forced to compete against men and being forced to share a locker room with them.

Watch this REALLY good teaser video:

4 thoughts on “Sunday: A can’t miss interview

  1. Gender appropriation. Disrespectful of women like my mother, grandmother, Aunts and great Aunts that battled for decades against gender discrimination to ensure equal rights for women, voting, fair pay, and access to education. Let alone the safety issues of having men in their bathrooms and locker rooms now disparaging their privacy, the “female” life, and invading the women’s world using woke as a doorway around “feminism”.

  2. Lia Thomas exposed himself to many of the fine women of the NCAA. Someone needs to interview his teammates that were bullied by the university to not say anything. I am sniffing out a lawsuit.

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